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Dr Francesco Addesa

About Dr Francesco Addesa

Senior Lecturer in Sport Business Management, Researcher in Sport Economics.

Francesco is a Senior Lecturer for the BA in Sport Business Management course at Leeds Beckett University. His main fields of interest are Sport Economics and Sport Management.

He had previous academic experiences at University of East London and Birkbeck University of London, beside a professional experience as a marketing assistant at Virtus Lanciano (Italian Serie B football.)

He has a significant economic background, having accomplished his PhD in Economics at the University of Salerno (Italy) and his MSc in Economics at the University of Essex.

Current Teaching

  • Digital Business (L4)
  • Sport Economics (L5)
  • Strat Man (L5)

Research Interests

  • Determinants of attendance/TV audience
  • Professional sport labour market
  • Professional sport teams on-field and off-field efficiency

Selected Publications

Journal articles (15)

Chapters (1)

  • Petersen-Wagner R; Addesa F; Bond AJ (2019) The use of Broadcasting and Social Media at Local to Mega Events across Qatar. In: Josoor Institute Case Studies Series. : , pp. .

Conference contributions (3)

  • Addesa FA; Rossi G; Destefanis S; Delice E (2018) The Determinants of the On-Field Performance Efficiency in the Italian Serie A Vienna, Austria 10/05/2018.
  • Addesa FA; Bond A (2018) Measuring Competitive Intensity: The Case of the Italian Serie A Gijon, Spain 04/05/2018.
  • Addesa FA; Rossi GB; Bove V (2017) Cultural diversity and team performance in the Italian Serie A Berlin 11/05/2017.

Internet publications (1)

  • Addesa F (2020), Four unanswered questions as Man City prepares to challenge UEFA FFP

Working papers (2)

  • Addesa FA; Caruso R; Di Domizio M (2016) The Determinants Of The TV Demand Of Soccer: Empirical Evidence On Italian Serie A For The Period 2008-2015
  • Addesa FA; Rossi G; Di Tanna GL (2016) Production, efficiency and corruption in Italian Serie A: A DEA analysis

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