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Dr Nicole Whitworth

Dr Nicole Whitworth
Contact Details
Dr Nicole Whitworth

Head of Subject

Department Of Languages

0113 81 23318 N.Whitworth@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

About Dr Nicole Whitworth

Nicole has taught Linguistics and Phonetics at a number of local universities, including York, Sheffield, and the University of Leeds. As a guest lecturer she has contributed to modules on Primary Education courses in Leeds Beckett University's Carnegie Faculty. Outside of Leeds Beckett, Nicole has taught sessions on voice care and use at local primary schools and on the Teach First teacher training programme. In addition, Nicole delivers workshops on public speaking and presentation skills. She has also worked as a freelance translator and as a Kindergarten teacher.

Nicole's specialist areas are clinical phonetics and phonology, the phonetics of voice, the anatomy and physiology of speaking and hearing, as well as bilingual and monolingual language acquisition. She is currently researching babbling in infants with Down Syndrome, factors in phonetic ability, and the influence of cross-modal transfer capabilities in the learning of new sound categories.

Nicole is the Treasurer & Membership Secretary of the British Association of Clinical Linguistics (BACL).

Current Teaching

Nicole teaches the phonetics and phonology curriculum on the BSc (Hons) Speech and Language Therapy, including Clinical Phonetics and Phonology and Clinical Analysis of Speech.

Research Interests

Factors in Phonetic Ability aims to identify characteristics that help predict SLT students' talent for acquiring the phonetic transcription skills required for clinical practice. The research is carried out in collaboration with Dr Rachael-Anne Knight from City University London. The results of the research will inform the future teaching and learning of an essential clinical skill which is often experienced as very challenging by students of SLT. In a wider sense, both projects will also provide insights into how individuals learn the sound systems of new languages.

Babbling in Infants with Down Syndrome is a longitudinal multiple case study of the acquisition of speech production in very young children with Down Syndrome. The aim is to describe and classify developmental processes that occur in the course of the children's development. Nicole's co-researcher on this project is Monica Bray (Leeds Beckett), an SLT with considerable expertise in Down Syndrome and dysfluency disorders. The outcomes of this project will form the basis of future research which will broaden our understanding of speech acquisition in individuals with Down Syndrome. It is hoped that ultimately it will affect future clinical practice in the area.

Selected Publications

Books (1)

  • Whitworth N; Knight RA ed. (2014) Methods in Teaching Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics. . J & R Press.

Chapters (2)

  • Whitworth N (2014) Acoustic Phonetics. In: Whitworth N; Knight R-A Methods in Teaching Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics. : J&R Press, pp. 47-71.
  • Knight RA; Whitworth N (2014) Introduction: The Place of Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics in the SLT Curriculum. In: Whitworth N; Knight RA Methods in Teaching Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics.. : J&R Press, pp. 1-22.

Conference contributions (4)

  • Whitworth N (2013) SLT Students' Attitudes towards Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics Newcastle 20130513. : .
  • Whitworth N; Knight R (2012) The Effect of Perceived Self-Efficacy in Phonetic Ability The University of Leeds 20120326. : .
  • Whitworth N (2011) SLT students' perception of IPA sounds: An update on vowels Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, UK 20110411. : .
  • Bray M; Whitworth N (2011) Investigating Babbling in Babies with Down Syndrome Leeds Metropolitan University 20110411. : .

Conference proceedings (peer reviewed) (2)

  • Whitworth N; Bray M (2015) Emergence of the vowel space in very young children with Down syndrome: An exploratory case study. In: 18th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences Glasgow 20150810. : , pp. .
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  • Whitworth N (2003) Pre-vocalic boundaries in the speech of German-English bilinguals. In: 15th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences: ICPhS 03 Barcelona 20030803. : , pp. 1093-1096.
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