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Pip is Course Director for Forensics and Security. She teaches across all levels (4 through to 7 and PhD) on Forensics and Security, Engineering, Mathematics and Research modules. She has 4 PhD completions to date and is currently supervising PhD and MRes students.

Pip also runs the Leeds Behaviour Lab, a group that is interested in designing technology to facilitate positive behaviour change.

Current Teaching

Currently teaching on:

  • MSc Research Practice
  • MSc Dissertation
  • Lv6 MEng Computer Science Team Project
  • Lv6 Forensic Investigative Techniques
  • Lv5 Computer Forensic Processing
  • Lv5 Forensic and Security Team Project
  • Lv4 Forensics and Security

Research Interests

Pip is currently researching into how new technologies can support behaviour change with regard to healthy lifestyles. This includes using technology to encourage and maintain running behaviours, and technologies to help support women to start or continue exercising during pregnancy. Also researching into digital forensics with the West Yorkshire Police, predominantly on developing an app to help frontline officers with seizure of digital evidence.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (7)

  • Trevorrow PA (2016) Mii and MiiBump: Supporting pregnant women to continue or commence an active lifestyle
    View Repository Record
  • Trevorrow PA (2012) Technology running the world: the iPod/Nike+ kit and levels of physical activity
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  • Walker S; Lucio MM; Trevorrow PA (2007) Tracing trade union innovation: a framework for evaluating trade union learning projects in a time of complexity
  • Trevorrow PA; McKenna J (2007) New digital media and the student learning experience
    View Repository Record
  • Griffin D; Trevorrow PA; Halpin E (2006) Using SMS Texting to Encourage Democratic Participation by Youth Citizens: A Case Study of a Project in an English Local Authority

Chapters (5)

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Conference proceedings (6)

  • Fabri M; Wall A; Trevorrow PA (2013) Changing eating behaviors through a cooking-based website for the whole family. In: HCI International 2013 Las Vegas 21/07/2013 00:00:00. : Springer Verlag, pp. 484-493.
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    View Repository Record
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