Karl Hodge, Course Director

Karl Hodge

Course Director

Karl Hodge is a technology journalist, currently Course Director for BA Journalism, with research interests in narrative VR construction.

Online since 1992, Karl Hodge has been charting the rise and fall and rise of the web since it all began. Firstly as an academic then as a journalist. He finally settled on being an academic.

Karl has been writing professionally and teaching people about communication and technology since 1996. His work – over 2000 articles in 20 years – has been published around the world and translated into languages with different alphabets. Before that he taught people how to build the web, and before that he studied human-computer interface design and hypermedia at Masters degree level.

Karl has Master's degrees in interactive design and creative writing.

Current Teaching

  • Digital Publishing
  • Photographic Journalism
  • Journalism Project
  • Digital Newsdays

Research Interests

Karl is currently undertaking PhD research and has pedagogical projects in progress around the application of VR and video games to journalism and teaching.

In particular, Karl's PhD research looks at non-fiction storytelling and interactive narratives in VR environments and video games.

Karl's teaching and learning projects in VR are interested in telepresence and virtual embodiment.

Karl Hodge, Course Director

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