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Professor Emma Wood, Professor

Professor Emma Wood


Emma Wood is Professor in Events and Experiential Marketing. Her current research is in emotions, shared memory and wellbeing. Her specialist areas are event tourism, event marketing and the impact of events and festivals on social change within communities.

Emma’s expertise in event tourism, event marketing and the impact of events and festivals on social change within communities is unique within the field. It advances the marketing element of event management into the less researched but highly important area of socio-psychology, progressing the theoretical debates in collective consumer experience and the related areas of emotion, memory and behaviour. This fits equally well within the related tourism and hospitality sectors, as the core product of all three areas is based upon the consumer experience.

Emma’s current research uses a range of methods including emotion-sensing technology, paired interviews, storytelling and memory work to provide a deeper understanding of the process by which art and music event experiences affect future attitudes, behaviour and wellbeing. Her research also enhances the wider field of consumer psychology, bringing a focus on shared memories and emotion relating to past leisure experiences.

Emma leads the 'futurETHinking' project which seeks to enable greater engagement with longer term future planning within the Events, Tourism and Hospitality sectors.

Current Teaching

  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Experiential Marketing

Research Interests

Emma's current research explores how people are driven to create shared memories (real or otherwise) in order to feel a sense of belonging. Agreeing on a memory enables us to feel wellbeing in the present and gain pleasure from remembering the past with others. This has implications for the design of memorable experiences in Tourism, Events and Hospitality and on how those experiences are leveraged afterwards for maximum social benefit.

Emma's work has informed the development of craft events to combat loneliness in older women, and our understanding of the lasting personal and social benefits of shared emotional experiences more generally.

Professor Emma Wood, Professor

Ask Me About

  1. Memory
  2. Emotions
  3. Community
  4. Consumers
  5. Culture
  6. Events
  7. Festivals
  8. Marketing
  9. Psychology
  10. Tourism
  11. Wellbeing

Selected Outputs

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  • Wood EH (2010) Event Sustainability: The host community perspective. In: European Cities Marketing.

  • Wood EH; Kenyon A (2017) Exploring the festival lived experience: A basis for social marketing interventions promoting responsible alcohol consumption.

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