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Professor Emma Wood

Professor Emma Wood
Contact Details
Professor Emma Wood


School Of Events, Tourism And Hospitality Management

0113 81 23963 E.Wood@leedsbeckett.ac.uk
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About Professor Emma Wood

Emma Wood is Professor in Events Experience and Marketing. 

Emma is Research Lead for the UK Centre for Event Management and a member of the International Centre for Research in Events, Tourism and Hospitality. She has published widely in the areas of event impact, event experience and event marketing including a recently co-edited book, The Event and Festival Experience. Emma is joint editor of the Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events and also chairs the Academy of Marketing special interest group in Events and Experiential Marketing. Her consultancy projects for local government and other bodies focus on the evaluation of festivals and events, social marketing though events and audience development. Her specialist areas relate to locality and event tourism, event marketing and the impact of events and festivals on social change within communities.

Current Teaching

Event Management (BA, MSc, PhD)

Research Interests

Experiential marketing: measuring the effectiveness of events in relation to collective emotion and memory; Social marketing (positive behaviour change) through live events; and Place marketing and festivals

Professor Emma Wood: Pre-Inaugural Message

Watch Emma Woods pre-inaugural video here.This lecture is part of Leeds Beckett University's Professorial Inaugural Lecture Series. Join us at Professor Emma Woods inaugural lecture 'Harnessing the Buzz: Memory as Social Merchandise'

Selected Publications

Journal articles (13)

  • Yaning Li N; Wood EH; Thomas R (2017), Innovation implementation: harmony and conflict in Chinese modern music festivals. Tourism Management, vol. 63
    View Repository Record
  • Thomas R; Wood E (2015), The absorptive capacity of tourism organisations. Annals of Tourism Research, vol. 54
    View Repository Record
  • Wood EH; Moss J (2015), Capturing emotions: experience sampling at live music events. Arts and the Market, vol. 5 (1), p. 45-72.
    View Repository Record
  • Thomas RW; Wood E (2014), Innovation in tourism: Re-conceptualising and measuring the absorptive capacity of the hotel sector. Tourism Management, vol. 45
    View Repository Record
  • Li Y; Wood EH (2014), Music festival motivation in China: free the mind. Leisure Studies, vol. 2014
    View Repository Record
  • Wood EH (2009), An impact evaluation framework: Local government community festivals. Event Management, vol. 12 (3-4), p. 171-185.
    View Repository Record
  • Wood EH (2009), Evaluating Event Marketing: Experience or outcome?. Journal of Promotion Management: innovations in planning and applied research, vol. 15 (1), p. 247-268.
  • Wood EH (2009), The Potential Impacts of Community Festivals: An evaluation framework. Event Management: an international journal, vol. 12 (3), p. 171-185.
  • Kenvon AJ; Wood EH; Parsons A (2008), Exploring the audience's role: A decoding model for the 21st century. Journal of Advertising Research, vol. 48 (2)
  • Kenyon AJ; Wood EH; Parsons A (2008), Exploring the Audience's Role: A decoding model for the 21st century. , vol. 48 (2), p. 276-286.
  • Wood EH (2006), The internal predictors of business performance in small firms: A logistic regression analysis. Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, vol. 13 (3), p. 441-453.
  • Wood EH (2005), Measuring the economic and social impacts of local authority events. International Journal of Public Sector Management, vol. 18 (1), p. 37-53.
  • Wood EH; Pugh C (2004), The Strategic Use of Events within Local Government: A Study of London Borough Councils. Event Management: an international journal, vol. 9 (1), p. 61-71.

Books (3)

  • Slater A; Wood EH (2015) The Festival and Event Experience. LSA . Publication 127 Esatbourne: Leisure Studies Association.
  • Masterman G; Wood E (2012) Innovative Marketing Communications. . Routledge.
  • Hoffman KD; Bateson JEG; Wood EH; Kenyon A (2010) Services Marketing: Concepts, Strategies & Cases. . London: Cengage Learning.

Chapters (3)

  • Wood EH (2017) The value of events and festivals in the age of austerity. In: Wood EH The Value of Events. : Taylor & Francis, pp. .
  • Wood EH; Long P (2009) Great Yorkshire Shows: Event Tourism in Yorkshire. In: Wood EH; Long P Managing Regional Tourism: A case study of Yorkshire England. Bradford: Great Northern Books, pp. .
  • Wood EH; Thomas R (2008) Festivals and tourism in rural economies. In: Wood EH; Thomas R International Perspectives on Festivals and Events: Paradigms and Analysis. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann, pp. .

Conference contributions (2)

  • Wood EH (2010) Event Sustainability: The host community perspective . Turku, Finland: .
  • Wood EH; Kornilaki M (2010) Then and now: The changing landscape of local authority events . Leeds Metropolitan University: .

Conference proceedings (peer reviewed) (3)

  • Wood EH; Kenyon A (2017) Exploring the festival lived experience: A basis for social marketing interventions promoting responsible alcohol consumption. In: Academy of Marketing Annual Conference Hull University 20170703. : , pp. .
    View Repository Record
  • Wood EH; Kenyon A; Moss J (2012) Researching Gen Y in their natural habitat: Experience and emotion, music and drink. In: Marketing: Catching the Technology Wave, Academy of Marketing Annual Conference . UK: , pp. .
  • Wood EH (2010) This is how I feel, this is how I felt: Experience sampling at promotional events. In: Academy of Marketing Annual Conference Proceedings . Conventry: , pp. .
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