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Dr James Musgrave

Dr James Musgrave
Contact Details
Dr James Musgrave

Head of Subject

School Of Events, Tourism And Hospitality Management

0113 81 26471 J.Musgrave@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

About Dr James Musgrave

James has extensive experience in education and training across a number of sectors such as Events, Hospitality, International Manufacturing and Local Council. His areas of interest are in Corporate Social Responsibility, Change Behaviour, Strategy and Consumer Insights. James has provided training and education across the world including USA, China and India and continues to be invited to talk on areas related to Sustainable Events Management.

Current Teaching

  • Strategy, Sustainable Management and Change Behaviour.

Research Interests

James enjoys applied research across Hospitality and Events. He has a strong background in Sustainable Management. Presently, and is looking at how sustainable management practices in the meetings sector can assist in achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, James is working with colleagues across a number of Universities to establish the parameters of social responsibility from Meeting Planners perspectives. More broadly his interests are in change behaviour in a variety of contexts – namely consumer consumption, travel and group behaviour. These research areas always bring him back eventually to Sustainable Management. James is an advocate of research informed teaching. He lets his students pick apart his current research findings and apply the findings to their own context. Immediately his research has impact and his students gain unique and up to date insights.

Selected Publications

Journal articles (7)

Books (1)

  • Raj R; Musgrave J (2009) Event Management and Sustainability. . CABI.

Chapters (3)

  • musgrave J; Henderson S; Musgrave J (2015) Changing audience behaviour: a pathway to sustainable event management. In: musgrave J; Henderson S; Musgrave J The Routledge Handbook of Tourism and Sustainability. : Routledge, pp. .
  • Musgrave J; Raj R (2009) Introduction to a Conceptual Framework for Sustainable Events. In: Musgrave J; Raj R Event Management and Sustainability. : CABI, pp. 1-12.
    View Repository Record
  • Raj R; Musgrave J (2009) The economics of sustainable events. In: Raj R; Musgrave J Event Management and Sustainability. : CABI, pp. 56-65.
    View Repository Record

Conference contributions (3)

  • Musgrave J; Malek K (2019) A comparative study of International Events Management Education Hong Kong, China. 20190522. : .
  • Musgrave J (2014) Profiling the travel behaviour of sport fans against constructs of the Transtheoretical Model of Change Kunming, China 20141026. : .
  • Mulligan J; Wood EH; Musgrave J (2012) The future is now Hungary . : .

Reports (4)

  • Mulligan JA; Musgrave J (2012) Fuel for change: Supplement to the January 2012 CSR report. . Meetings Professionals International (MPI).
  • Mulligan JA; Musgrave J (2012) The State of Corporate Social Responsibility. . Meetings Professionals International (MPI).
  • Musgrave J; Mulligan JA; Woodward SC; Kenyon A; Jones S (2012) The value of CSR to the Meetings Industry - Research report. . Meetings Professionals International (MPI).
  • Mulligan JA; Musgrave J (2011) The State of Corporate Social responsibility. . Meetings Professionals International (MPI).
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