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At Leeds Beckett University, we offer a range of postgraduate research degrees that provide research training, enhanced employment opportunities and the chance to develop advanced skills and expertise in a specific area of interest to you.

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Masters by Research (MRES)

One year full-time, two years part-time

If you are looking to take your first steps in research, then an MRes programme could be ideal. It is a stepping stone between undergraduate and PhD-level research. It is particularly suitable if you are moving into a new subject area and want to explore different career or academic research options.

More about the Mres programme

Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

Three years full time, four years part-time

An MPhil research degree is a masters qualification completed to the same academic quality as a PhD. It is ideal for those wanting to complete their degree in a shorter time period than a PhD. You will gain a significant grounding in research methods and skills that will equip you to have a successful career in your field of study or to continue your studies and complete a PhD.

Doctor of Philosophy (PHD)

Three years full-time, six years part-time

A PhD is awarded on the successful completion of a programme of supervised research. It is assessed via a thesis (of up to 100,000 words) and a viva voce (an oral examination). You will contribute new knowledge to your field and you will disseminate your findings by means of peer-reviewed output and a thesis. Throughout your PhD journey, you will be supported with a programme of research training to enable you to develop transferable skills for your future career path.

PHD by existing published work

One year part-time

This option is available to Leeds Beckett staff and alumni only.

There is also an option to submit for a PhD by Existing Published Work. For this award, you will already have a series of original creative works – typically, academic or professional journal papers - that make a significant contribution to knowledge in your area of expertise. You will produce an abridged review that links the works. Together, this review and the existing published work, form the thesis you will defend by oral examination.

Doctor of Professional Studies (DPROF)

Four years part-time

DProfs are specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals. They are an opportunity to investigate or critically study a topic of interest. A DProf is ideal if you are seeking recognition and further development at the highest level, whether professionally or in academia.

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)*

Five years part-time

Aimed at business managers and leaders, consultants and other professionals including academics, a DBA offers an opportunity to gain a professional doctorate - the highest level of professional qualification available in business and management. Drawing on the work of international experts in our Leeds Business School, you will learn about the latest management techniques and research methods. The skills and knowledge you gain will equip you to improve your personal effectiveness and the performance of your organisation and those who work in it.

Further information on Professional Doctorates

Doctorate in Education (EDD)*

Five years part-time

If you are an education professional, the innovative EdD will deepen your knowledge and understanding of contemporary educational issues. It is a qualification that demonstrates skill in applied research and strong professional development.

Further information on Professional Doctorates

Doctorate of Engineering (DENG)*

Five years part-time

The DEng is a programme of research based on the advanced study of engineering or applied sciences and professional practice in engineering.

Further information on Professional Doctorates

Doctor of Professional practice in Sport (DPROF. Sport)*

Five years part-time

The title of Doctor of Professional Practice in Sport (DProf. Sport) is reserved for programmes of research focused on professional practice in sport-related subjects including Sport Coaching, Sport and Exercise Science, Sport and Exercise Physiology, Sport and Exercise Biomechanics, Sport and Exercise Nutrition, Sport and Exercise Psychology, Sport Development, Sport Business, Sport Marketing, Physical Education, and Physical Activity and Health.

Further information on Professional Doctorates

*The DBA, DProf. Sport, EdD and DEng are designed for professionals working in their relevant fields. These programmes of study supplement the practical experience developed in the workplace with an advanced understanding of your subject area and significant research expertise.

Professional Doctorates in the School of Built environment, engineering and computing

Five years part-time

The School of Built Environment, Engineering and Computing offer a range of professional doctorates aimed at practising professionals in the built environment and engineering fields. Our professional doctorates will provide you the opportunity to demonstrate and develop advanced knowledge and skills necessary to undertake and complete a practical research and development project. Visit the School of Built Environment, Engineering and Computing for more details.

Further information on Professional Doctorates

Funded Phds and studentships

Did you know? You can actually get paid to study your area of interest.

Funded PhD opportunities across our academic schools give you the chance to work on a specific research project and have your fees funded by our university and/or an external partner organisation. They may also include a bursary.

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