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Why Work with Us

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What Makes us Unique?

We serve the retail industry supply chain through applied research and knowledge in consumer behaviour and retail insights. Our institute is built upon the expertise of our skilled academic and commercial professionals. We are devoted to developing research outputs that will help our clients identify solutions to the challenges presented in product and packaging development – all of which strive to enhance the consumer experience and satisfaction.

The advantages of working with The Retail Institute include:

  • access to reputable researcher’s data analysis and it’s meaningful translation of information.
  • working with an independent and impartial organisation that has the potential to validate your commercial claims.
  • use of robust scientific methods to deliver strategic and actionable outcomes by converting academic research and theory into practicable applied solutions for commercial clients.
  • established networks with industry, trade associations and cross-disciplinary academic experts.
  • extensive experience in delivering applied research studies grounded in academic knowledge to global leaders within the FMCG markets.
  • position as an academic, non-profit-driven organisation, meaning your goals will not be compromised with any financial targets.
  • the opportunity to assess knowledge transfer funding opportunities.
Membership  Right Arrow

Since 2013, DS Smith and The Retail Institute’s relationship has gone from strength to strength. The Retail Institute has supported innovation at DS Smith through their understanding of the retail supply chain. Their expertise have helped DS Smith build business cases, search wider for materials using their vast networks and help to understand the implications of emerging technologies.

Mike Collins - DS Smith