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With 20 years of experience in sourcing innovative solutions for some of the world’s leading brands and retailers, becoming a Retail Institute member gives you access to our team of in-house and global experts, allowing you to get advice, guidance and support on your projects when you need it most.

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Our membership offers an opportunity to access knowledge through a range of publications, such as reports and quarterly bulletins, networking events and Special Interest Groups. Membership provides you with support from the research team at The Retail Institute, and our international network of partners and experts, and offers you a discount for any research projects or consultancy work. 

Our membership fee is established based on your business size, with a maximum fee of £5,000 + VAT

Commercial benefits of joining the membership scheme 

  • Savings in R&D through up-to-date information on new and emerging consumer trends, innovation and technologies.
  • Direct access to an external sounding board, a ‘critical friend’ and experts that can provide insights to support and verify decision making.
  • Introductions to potential buyers, suppliers, and collaborators across the members’ network, and beyond.
  • Potential to participate in large-scale funded projects that can enhance the profile of your business.
  • Support and direction to help scope and develop projects, advancing your R&D activities more quickly and more precisely.
  • Developing the ability to explain why your product and pack will successfully engage shoppers.

Commercial Benefits of Joining the Scheme:

Plus Icon Seasonal Retail Review

The Seasonal Retail Review is a quarterly publication that covers a wealth of topics focusing on the following:

  • Packaging and Product Technologies (e.g. printed electronics or smart packaging)
  • Consumer Behaviour (e.g. global trends research or developments in FMCG)
  • Innovations and Insights in Retail (e.g. retail technology or business models)

The publication gathers insights from ground breaking research using a wide range of academic and commercial sources on global platforms. The authorship of this publication is by experts from across various disciplines at Leeds Beckett University and features regular guest editorials. 

The content includes articles and information with scientific grounding and robust research methods, enabling our members to base business decisions on facts, not opinions. The publication also features the ‘Members Corner’, where you have the opportunity to share any important news with The Retail Institute Members Network.

Plus Icon Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups are action driven ‘Think Tanks’, led by The Retail Institute Members’ Network and facilitated by academia, that aim to identify common challenges for the retail packaging supply chain.

The Retail Institute creates a forum where, through our research, the gaps in knowledge are identified by leading academics. The discussion helps to identify shared challenges and actions agreed by the forum. Participation in the group offers an effective tool for our Members’ Network to gain better understanding of issues that cannot be resolved in isolation.

Purpose & Aims:
Knowledge-sharing, identification of key areas for collaboration on projects,consideration of application for funding or commitment to shared research.

Plus Icon Ask The Retail Institute

This enquiry service allows our member companies to access our knowledge and contacts within retailing, product and packaging research.

Members can pose enquiries into specific problems, particularly along the following lines:

  • I want to do xxx, could you tell me where to start or can you introduce me to an expert I can talk to?
  • Are there any companies working on xxx who I can work with?
  • Our customers want us to make xxx better – is there any relevant research undertaken in this area?

In summary, it provides a brief but insightful scoping service.

The Retail Institute team is happy to discuss with you in more detail the type of questions that are, and that are not, included in this service.

Plus Icon Commercial Project Discount
As members, you receive a 10% discount on any research project commissioned with the Retail Institute. Speak to the team at The Retail Institute about any project ideas and we will happily support you to develop and shape a project brief!
Plus Icon Events

Our member events offer the unique opportunity to hear a combination of both the academic and industry perspectives on key retail trends, innovations and areas to drive change.

We run our events throughout the year, offering multiple opportunities to network with our ever-growing members and partners, as well as participate in activities that can grow the next generation of talent at Leeds Beckett University.

Our Student Competition and showcase events allow members to meet and guide our students from key degree courses, such as Packaging Design and Business Management - an opportunity that cannot be underestimated for them.

Alongside this, we also run our flagship Annual Dinner and Briefing Conference, where members can relax and network before seeing the latest technological and service-orientated advancements in the industry, at a global level.

Our recent members’ survey showed that events are a highly valued benefit, with inspiring networking sessions and conversations that lead to real business opportunities.


A Selection of our Clients

We find membership to be of great value, links with academia and the events in particular. We are also confident in discussing our future needs, knowing that integrity and discretion are core values of The Retail Institute team.

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