Things You Need To Know About Exams At Leeds Beckett

You’ve done the revision, you’ve kept (more or less) your promise to get an early night, now there’s just the exam to sit. But hang on, where is my exam? How do I get there? And what do I need?!

How do I get to my exam?

In plenty of time! To avoid any additional nerves and stress, give yourself plenty of time to find your way to the right place.

Leave the car at home – parking on campus is difficult with a limited number of spaces, and you don’t want to be stressing about where you’ve left your ride in the middle of an exam question. Instead, take the bus or train (plan your route using the Metro journey planner), walk or cycle in – we’ve got showers, lockers and cycle parking on both campuses, you can plan your journey with the walking and cycling map that gives details on how to get to each campus from your halls of residence - or use Amber Cars.

Where is my exam?

Exams are held across our two campuses, so check your exam timetable to find out where you need to be. You can view the campus maps here or view them in the Beckett App.

To understand the room code you can see the guide on our webpage.

You might be sitting an exam in a location you’ve not been to before, so make sure you're prepared.

When is my exam?

To find out the exact time and date of your exam you can see your individual timetable in the 'Timetabling' tab in MyBeckett. You can also find the main examination timetable on the examinations website.

Where can I revise?

With 24/7 access and dedicated silent spaces, our two libraries are the perfect place to revise. Don’t forget that our social learning spaces are available all year round, ideal if you need a more informal place to get work done. Also, check out your accommodation study space if you have one, it’s perfect if you don’t fancy trekking to the library.

What do I need to bring to my exam?

The two main items are your student ID card and some stationery (although answer sheets and paper will be provided). You won’t need an English dictionary, these are provided for reference use.

You’re not allowed to bring in electronic data equipment, although in some cases calculators may be allowed – check with your module tutor if you’re not sure. Mobile phones must be turned off and left in your bag (which is placed at the back or front of the exam room along with your coat). If a phone is heard ringing during the exam, it may be regarded as an attempt to cheat or gain unfair advantage, so SWITCH IT OFF!  You’ll also be asked to take off your watch and place it on the desk in front of you.

What if i’m ill?

If you can’t attend your exam due to illness, contact your student administrator and visit your GP to get a doctor’s note. You’ll then need to complete a mitigation form (within five working days after the exam). For more information contact your course administrator or refer to our mitigation and extenuating circumstances information.

By sitting the exam you are declaring yourself ‘fit to sit’, which means that you are not normally able to make any claim any mitigation afterwards if you were feeling unwell. If you do feel unwell before your exam, please contact your student administrator or your module tutor for further advice.

What if I’m late?

If you arrive late, you’ll only be allowed into the exam room during the first 30 minutes after the start time. Any later than that and you won’t be allowed in at all.

How can I relax before the exams?

The Student Wellbeing Team offers a free and confidential service aimed at providing you with information, practical and therapeutic support to help you manage any difficulties you are experiencing. Book a wellbeing appointment or read the self-help guides to help get rid of any stresses before the exam.

What happens during the exam?

Remember, an exam is a formal assessment carried out under strict conditions - once you enter the exam room you’re under those conditions. If you need assistance during the exam, raise your hand and an invigilator will assist you.

Once you feel that you’ve finished your exam you may be allowed to leave. However, you will not be allowed to leave within the first and the last 30 minutes. If your exam is an hour long you will have to stay for the duration of the exam.

At the end of the exam, stay silent and seated until an invigilator instructs you otherwise. When leaving, you must stay silent as you’re still under examination conditions. 

Good Luck!

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