Launched in Autumn 2019 The Wired Project aims to inspire and educate the next generation of women working with music technology, giving them new skills, experience and enjoyment in music. As part of the Wired Project Leeds School of Arts students Sarah Stead (MA Popular Music and Culture), Jess Ward (PGRS), Kyra Findlator and Sabina Hines (BA Performance and Production) have been invited to deliver a series of workshops that will include DJing, coding, computer-based music production, sound recording and creating music.

Students with a guitar

Martin Briggs, Head of Music at Leeds Beckett University, says of the project: “Leeds Beckett University is proud to support this initiative to inspire the next generation of women working with music technology. We look forward to hosting WIRED music technology workshop activities at our extensive sound tech labs and studio facilities here on Headingley campus.”

Sue Miller, Reader in Music at Leeds Beckett University adds: “The WIRED project could not be more timely with today’s growing awareness of the importance of representation and gender equality. The music technology club will introduce girls and young women to a wide range of music practices and technical skills and provide industry placement and mentoring opportunities to boot.

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“Whether it be DJing, sound recording, coding, computer-based work or innovative ways to incorporate technology with live performance, this is an amazing opportunity to get involved with and one which the music department at Leeds Beckett University fully supports.”

Further information about The Wired Project can be found here.

Dr Sue Miller

Professor / Leeds School Of Arts

Sue Miller is a Professor of Music, teaching on the undergraduate and postgraduate courses in music performance and production. She specialises in Cuban/Latin music, improvisation, music analysis and music history within the fields of performance, (ethno)musicology and popular music studies.

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