Update on the second floor

Work is progressing well on the refurbishment of the second floor of the Sheila Silver Library. All of the internal walls on the floor have now been removed and the new reconfigured walls are being installed.

Work is on schedule and is currently running smoothly. The contractors have been coming in late at night and in the early mornings to carry out most of the really noisy work when the fewest number of people are here.

Obviously a project like this generates a lot of waste material and we thought we’d find out what happens to it all.

The contractors have a Waste Management Plan that involves:

  • Separating most of the waste on site into different waste skips e.g. wood, plasterboard and metal
  • Anything that is not separated on site is sorted off site
  • The majority of this waste is then recycled

Have a look at our  Green Library Pinterest board for more information on recycling and green ideas.

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