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I need some quiet around here!

Everyone is different in how they like to study and so the Library provides a range of study environments to meet your needs.

I need some quiet around here

The main Library areas are for students to work in groups, as we know many of your assignments ask you do this. We do also have separate Silent Study areas which become increasingly popular as we get to the end of the academic year and exams and finals.

These can be found in

  • Sheila Silver Library: room 105 and the second and third floor silent study areas
  • Headingley Library: two silent study rooms on the first floor (overlooking the Acre)
  • Food and drink are not allowed in Silent Study.  Please switch off your mobile phones.

Library staff and Security patrol these areas, especially during exam revision time and you'll be asked to move if you are talking or your behaviour disturbs other students.  You can also contact Library staff if you have any concerns - you can come to the Help and Information Points; tweet us (@beckettlibrary) or send us an email or chat.

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