If you have never submitted online before, or if you are unsure how, first check how you need to submit your work. The majority of courses submit using Turnitin, but some courses use Blackboard. You may be asked to submit to Blackboard for large files (over 100MB), URLs e.g. YouTube videos, or file formats that are not supported by Turnitin. NB. Blackboard Assignments do not provide Similarity Reports.

We recommend using Chrome browser for Turnitin, MyBeckett / Blackboard.

The Library website has information on how to submit using both tools. There are step by step guides to both Turnitin and Blackboard.

There are also lots of useful videos on the Library YouTube channel, including how to submit both a Turnitin and a Blackboard assignment, downloading a submission receipt and viewing and interpreting your Turnitin similarity report.

If you need to submit a video, our Digital Learning Team have some useful guides on submitting videos via Blackboard and YouTube

Don’t leave it too late. Make sure you have given yourself enough time to submit before the due date. If your lecturer is allowing multiple submissions, submit early, so you get used the process before you submit your final piece of work.

If you need help, please contact us.

Originally published April 2020

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