We'll renew for you! Changes to renewals and fines for 2017

We're always working hard to make it as easy as possible for you to get the resources you need and help make using the Library as easy as possible. For 2017 we've made some changes to the way resources are renewed and fines charged.

  • We'll renew for you so you don't need to (excluding Laptop Loans, Short Loans and automatic renewal of Interlibrary Loans).
  • We'll keep renewing for up to 6 months unless someone else needs the item or you finish your course.
  • We'll email your University email account to tell you if you need to return your items.
  • You'll need to return requested items within seven days. Offsite students and those registered with Disability Services have different arrangements - please follow the links for more information.
  • Fines have increased to £2 per item per day but you're only charged if someone else needs the resource and you don't return it on time.
  • If you want to borrow something that is already on loan you'll need to put a Hold on it so that it is recalled for you to use. Please ask staff if you need any help doing this.

Why are you doing this?

We've talked to the Students' Union about this and you've also told us that one of the things that really annoys you is when someone hangs onto a book when a hold is placed on it. Lots of other University libraries have changed their loan and fines system and their experiences show that if the fine is higher on a requested item it's more likely to be returned on time and that there are far fewer fines charged overall. We hope this will make it fairer for everyone to get the resources they need and not having to pay unnecessary fines. We've increased the fine rate to £2 per day but remember you'll only need to pay this if you don't return a book on time that is needed by someone else. For all your other loans you will no longer need to remember to renew.

As always, ask Library staff if you have any queries and please tell us what you think about this new system.

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