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So, what's new for 2017:
  • From October 2017 we'll renew any books that you borrow to save you having to remember to do so. You'll only have to return them when someone else needs them.
  • The changes to accessing Sheila Silver Library that we introduced in response to your feedback during the May exams are now permanent. This means you'll need your Campus Card most of the time to enter the Library and at some times of the year, such as exams, only Leeds Beckett Card holders will be able to come in. You'll also still need your Campus Card to access Headingley Library from 19:00-08:30.
  • We've introduced a peer mentoring scheme to enable new students to become more confident in their academic work with support from an experienced student.
  • MyBeckett has a new look log in page and has renamed some of the tabs. IT Support is now IT; Employability is Opportunities and Help is Support.
  • You can access the full Microsoft Office 365 suite including free copies of Office Online and up to ITB of cloud storage on OneDrive. You can download up to 5 copies onto PCs and MACs and also have access to the mobile apps.
  • Your University email account is now available via Outlook rather than Google with 50GB of storage. We've moved all your files and contacts across though so you don't need to do anything. And you can still access Google Drive.
  • Turnitin’s new Feedback Studio makes it easier for you to find and navigate your originality reports, online marks and feedback. View our new guides for more info.
  • PebblePad has been redesigned with a clean, modern look and feel so that you can easily create great looking portfolios and blogs to evidence and reflect upon your work. Again, take a look at our guides for more info.
  • We've added Pro-Study software to all our PCs to help you collect and manage your research.
  • You no longer need to confirm your booking when you book a Student Meeting Room although the first time you do so this year you'll need to log in.

As always if you need any help using any of our services just Contact Us.

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