Ceejay and Liam will be our 14th and 15th KTP Associates. Both will work with Leeds-based manufacturers; Liam at Kingfisher Lubrication Ltd and Ceejay at Moulds Patterns and Models Ltd (MPM).

KTP is a government-funded scheme that helps businesses develop and gain a competitive advantage. Each KTP creates a unique partnership between a business and a university to deliver positive impact and drive innovation. A skilled graduate is recruited to carry out the project, as a full-time member of staff within the business, and with the full support and input of an academic team at Leeds Beckett.

Working with academics from the Business School at Leeds Beckett, Liam and Ceejay will be leading strategic change projects that put their academic knowledge and learning into practice in two thriving businesses. The two year projects have a dual focus - sales, marketing and strategic insights to grow market share; and strengthening leadership skills ensuring a high-performing and engaged team are retained within the business to facilitate this growth.

The Moulds, Patterns and Models Ltd (MPM) team

The MPM team

Ceejay said: “It has been an exciting two months since embarking on this new role as a KTP Associate and to work alongside the brilliant team at MPM has been a pleasure. This opportunity allows me to translate the knowledge and skills I gained during my course at Leeds Beckett, and previous marketing roles into practical solutions that drive innovation and growth.

“I am excited to be a part of the KTP program, where I can contribute to the success of MPM while continuously developing myself alongside our business. This experience highlights the value of the education I received at Leeds Beckett and the opportunities it opens for graduates to leapfrog into more senior roles and help deliver organisational change.”

Ceejay (second from left) and Liam (third from left) with friends at their Leeds Beckett graduation

Ceejay (second left) and Liam (third from left) with friends on their graduation day

As with all KTPs, the ultimate goal is to embed knowledge and skills within the businesses building resilience, and agility and contributing to their long-term growth. This aligns perfectly with Leeds Beckett’s role as an anchor institution and supports the UK Government’s Build Back Better and Levelling Up agendas – safeguarding jobs and businesses, improving skills and helping to protect and grow the manufacturing sector in the Yorkshire region.

Ben Wilson, Managing Director of MPM, said: “Sometimes, you don’t know what you don’t know, and we’re excited to have a fresh pair of eyes, ears and insight into our plans and vision whilst developing the team and business for a more successful, sustainable and enjoyable future.”

Lorraine Nugent, Managing Director of Kingfisher (Lubrication) Ltd, said: “Running a business during the past three years has been challenging, to say the least.  To be given the opportunity to collaborate with Leeds Beckett University on this project has given us all a renewed sense of enthusiasm for the road ahead.”

Ceejay (second from the right) and Liam (on the right) with friends at their Leeds Beckett graduation

Ceejay (second from the right) and Liam (on the right) with friends at their graduation

Firm friends since meeting in their first year at university, Liam and Ceejay first came across KTPs when undertaking a final-year student consultancy project at ARC Building Solutions – another Leeds Beckett KTP. Working with KTP associate Alex Boote at ARC gave them an insight into the day to day management of a project and opened their eyes to the future career development prospects offered by KTP – approximately 70% of KTP Associates are offered a permanent role in the company and all gain senior level experience as part of delivering the project.

Prompted to apply for the roles by course leader Dr Alan Shaw, both were successfully appointed and started work in July. Welcoming a new associate is always a perk of the job but for the KTP team appointing Leeds Beckett graduates to these great roles has been particularly pleasing – and it is a testament to the quality of our teaching that two final year students were able to demonstrate the skills, experience and qualities needed for these challenging roles.

By autumn we look forward to being joined by two additional associates starting in roles at Sniffers Pet Care (September) and Aquatrust Water and Ventilation Ltd - currently in recruitment – taking our total to 17.

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