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My experience studying BA Hons Social Work

My name is Susan and I graduated from BA (Hons) Social Work in summer 2020 and wanted to share some reflections on my experience of studying in the School of Health.

Published on 07 Dec 2020
Susan Openshaw

I wouldn't advise fellow students that this journey is going to be an easy one, because it's not. It's going to be hard work and you are going to wonder at times if you can do this. That's how I felt but here I am now, working as a qualified Social Worker for the NHS!

My own journey has not always been easy. I have had some serious issues in my home life that were life changing. I have also had some health issues that I have had to deal with. I think everyone would have understood and accepted it if I had given up but do you know what, I wouldn't have accepted it. I kept my tutors updated with any issues I was experiencing and they were absolutely amazing and so supportive. Once they understood that I wasn't giving up, my tutors did everything they could to help me through the course and really got me through my last year. 

I was 3 months into my last placement when the dreaded Covid-19 caused the country to close down. I had been reading online that in some universities, placements were being stopped with a view to restarting when the lockdown was over. Students were really upset as it would extend their time training and for some this was just not financially viable (and I was one of them). Leeds Beckett however worked really hard to find a way for us to pass our course and qualify on time. I can't imagine how much work must have gone into the planning.

A huge thankyou to all the staff that were involved in getting us through our Social Work degree. I was lucky enough to secure a qualified Social Work job straight away and I am now 3 months into my ASYE.

I also wanted to say, I am a 47 year old working class ethnic minority mother and grandmother who left school with no qualifications. University is for everyone. Good Luck all, believe in yourself, you got this!!

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