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Webber Nutrition provides students with hands on placements

Performance Nutritionist, Danny Webber, discusses how Leeds Beckett’s partnership with Webber Nutrition helps provide students with valuable work experience.

Image of Danny Webber

My name is Danny and I’m a registered Performance Nutritionist. I know the difficulties that students experience in trying to get their foot through the door after finishing their studies. I was more than happy to offer some work experience to students at Leeds Beckett who demonstrated a keen interest in sports nutrition.

As a SENr high-performance practitioner, I have experience working with athletes who compete at the highest level in a variety of sports including professional football, rugby, table tennis, golf, boxing and triathlon. I am also self-employed so have many skills and experiences that I can share with students to guide them in choosing the right path for their futures. 

I like to give students the unique opportunity to see what a typical day is like in the life of a self-employed sports nutritionist and give them a variety of real-life tasks and challenges that I face each day. This ranges from observing consultations and workshops, analysing food diaries, creating meal plans, designing infographics and other suitable handout materials and reading key sport-specific research papers to discuss how the science can be applied into practice. When the opportunity arises, students will also be invited to support me with undertaking some in-person nutrition consultancy and physiological testing.

It’s a pleasure to partner with Leeds Beckett University so if you’re a sports science student looking to pursue a career in sports nutrition then talk to your course tutor to see if this is a suitable placement option for you.

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23 Sep 2021
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