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Leeds – a City that rocks

My name is Ross and I am a current student at Leeds Beckett University, where I study Music Production. I have had a number of great experiences so far that have made my university life really exciting.

Drummers at Light Nights with drums lit up

From gigs, to nights out and beyond - this city really has something for everybody. Here are my favourite bits:

First of all, I am really into many different genres of music. This means I love the nightlife in Leeds, as there are so many different venues which host gigs, open mic nights or even DJ sets. Just a few of my favourites are: The Lending Room (Hyde Park), The Brudenell (Hyde Park), Key Club (Leeds city centre) and the famous O2 Academy. The Brudenell in particular plays some amazing music across many different genres. It’s also a friendly environment which you instantly feel comfortable in, and you’re able to socialise with people who have a similar music taste to you. My second favourite, Key Club, hosts lots of big music events such as ‘Slam Dunk’, and has regular themed nights like ‘Pop Punk Night’ through the week – these are not to be missed.

Besides music, there’s also a huge amount of shops and restaurants to explore in Leeds. Leeds Trinity shopping mall is huge, and is the place to go for all your shopping needs.

Leeds Trinity Shopping Centre

Another thing that I love about Leeds is the canal leading into the city, as it has amazing views. The canal runs from Liverpool all the way to Leeds, and is 127 miles long in total. It’s great to explore this when it’s sunny – it is a very therapeutic walk which leads you right in to the excitement of the city.


In my opinion, this city is remarkably inspiring and has something for everybody to enjoy. Whether you’re into sport, music, pubs, coffee houses, shops or restaurants, you’ll find something that you enjoy. Don’t be afraid to try something new too, to expand your taste - whatever it may be.


Hello, I’m Ross and I’m a 2nd year Music Production student from County Durham. I have a real interest in recording music in pretty much any genre - including arranging, mixing and mastering. I am also a first study guitarist who sings and writes songs, and I would consider myself a bit of a gym enthusiast as I like to keep active. If I am not doing anything relating to studying, music or fitness, then I enjoy playing games, watching movies or reading books like the ‘Game Of Thrones’ series.

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