Hi to all prospective students at Leeds Beckett!

I am so pleased you’ve found us – and are currently considering courses here to have a look at and choosing your future career – very exciting!

My name is Jenny – I’m a current 2nd year at Leeds Beckett on the Speech and Language Therapy course. I wanted to update you on why I think it’s so important for you to come to visit a university before you make it your first choice. I 100% recommend coming on open days, or campus tours, to see the university and get a feel for the city. I can still remember looking around on Leeds Beckett’s open day. It can feel very overwhelming, and there is so much to see and listen to on the day. It can all be a bit scary and surreal. I would highly recommend bringing a family member or friend who can give you some support and prompt you to ask questions that you may forget about on the day. Travelling into Leeds is quite easy, but you may want to print a map out or have one on your phone just to find the right campus and place that you need to be. It’s not all scary though!

Open days can give you a real ‘feel’ for the city, and it’s important to think about whether you would feel at home in Leeds. Sometimes looking around different places you have never been before can give vibes that you don’t really want to live there, but it was totally different with Leeds for me (plus it’s in Yorkshire where I’m from! Bonus!)

The current students on your course and the lecturers are very helpful on an open day. They can give you a really good insight to what the course is like and whether it’s right for you. You can ask any questions – there is honestly no such thing as a silly question! There are also lots of student ambassadors around on the day for you to ask about accommodation, life in Leeds and anything else that might be playing on your mind.

When you are choosing which university to go to and which course to choose I would keep a few things in mind:

  • How far would you like to be from your current home?
  • How you will get to university – will you move or commute?
  • What are you passionate about – passionate enough that you would be interested in studying it for 3 or more years?
  • Have you got interests that you can continue with at university? Does the university offer facilities or societies that accommodate these?

I strongly believe that you will ‘just know’ when you visit the right university for you - you get good vibes from the place. However, these are all still really important questions to ask yourself before you make your final decision.

I really hope you consider coming to Leeds Beckett – as it really is a lovely place to live and work – come to the open days or campus tours to find out! Good luck with your applications 😊

Jenny x


My name is Jenny, I’m from Halifax and am studying Speech and Language Therapy. I enjoy travelling and am very lucky to have had lots of opportunities to do this - exploring new cultures and seeing animals from around the world makes me so happy. I absolutely love Leeds, it’s a wonderful city that always has something going on and loads of places to explore - I am super proud of saying I live here and study at Leeds Beckett!

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