What I applied for and where

During my second year of sixth form I decided I wanted to go to uni and that I wanted to move away and try something new. After going to loads and loads of open days up and down the country I knew I wanted to study Journalism and I have no regrets at all.

I wrote my personal statement and I got people at school and my parents to help me. It really helps to ask people that have been to uni to help you because they know what the uni are looking for.

I applied online through UCAS and chose Leeds Beckett and my number one. Nottingham was my second choice. I then waited for results day which was most nerve racking thing I’ve ever had to do.

How I decided Leeds Beckett was the one

I went to a lot of open days and dragged my parents to about ten. It’s really important to know what you want when choosing the right uni for you. You have to take into consideration course, location and accommodation.

Leeds Beckett was my first choice out of all of the universities I applied for. Here are the reasons I chose Beckett:

  1. It was the perfect distance away from home for me. It’s about an hour and a half away. I knew I wanted to properly move out and move away and do it properly. I still go home every three weeks but it means family is never to far away and it doesn’t cost me much.
  2. The course was just what I wanted. My course covered the modules I was looking for and was 4th in the country which was a huge pull for me.
  3. The accommodation. I had heard loads about how good the student life was in Leeds and I wanted to join in! Beckett has some great accommodations and none of them are too expensive.
  4. The city. I had been to Leeds a couple of times for shopping and nights out and LOVED it. It made me want to move here and join in. I'm from a small town so a big city appealed to me.

How I felt approaching exams knowing I wanted to get into Leeds Beckett

Exams are a weird one for me. I don’t get very stressed and I take things as they come so I wasn’t too worried. The one thing I did know I wanted to do was to make a good impression on my personal statement. I tried to do as much work experience as possible to show how much it was the right course for me and that I was putting myself out there to get work.

Exams are a stressful time but honestly the most anyone can do is try their best. Work hard and you’ll get it. A-Levels are difficult and it can be really daunting knowing you need to achieve a certain grade or grades but revise us much as you can and it will pay off.

If it doesn’t work out don’t be disheartened and don’t give up. Take a year out, get the UCAS points you need and try again. There is always another option.

How I felt waiting for results day and on results day

I think results day was the most nervous I’ve ever been.

I remembered they said, ‘results will be out at 9am no earlier.’ I didn’t sleep the night before, refreshed the page at 7am and there is was, ‘Congratulations you have been accepted!’

It was a very memorable moment for me and I ran into my mums room crying my eyes out and we celebrated that evening.

Results day is very daunting because you are going in blind, you have no idea. Just remember to stay calm and everything will work out. Even if you don’t get your first choice or you go through clearing, uni is what you make it and only you can make it as great as it is.

How I prepped before I arrived at Leeds Beckett

I felt prepared for uni. There was a two week period between getting in and then moving in day for me. 

I mainly bought bits for my room. I went to view the accommodation and I had a friend that already lived there so I had a rough idea as to what my room would be like. I knew I wanted it to be as homely as possible so I bought pillows, bedding, fairy lights, photos and things like that.

I really struggled to find friends and people online. I joined a few groups and posted a few times to see if I could find anyone that was on the same floor or in the same flat as me and I couldn’t and I remember this made me really nervous. But, the people I lived with became my best friends so don’t worry if this is happening to you right now. Just send a few messages and don’t stress if you can’t find anyone.

I didn’t visit Leeds again until moving in day. I liked this because it meant I explored it on moving in day and the week after.

What it was like moving to university?

Moving in day was really daunting and emotional to be honest. My parents moved me up and we made my room as homely as possible. The moving in and finding my room was really straight ward in Marsden House and it made the whole day very stress free.

I found my flat and I was the first one to arrive. I remember thinking, ‘oh no am I the only one living here!’ Whilst I was unpacked with my parents the rest of my flat mates arrived and settled in and we all met and clicked at the first meet which was great.

My parents left after I had unpacked which was very emotional, but all happy emotions too. It's the next step of growing up!

I didn’t settle straight away. I am a home girl and love to be at home so it was a weird experience for me living somewhere I had never been to before. But uni made it really east to settle. My accommodation put on social events and so did the uni. I remember going to a BBQ with my flat and that's where everything just clicked.

The best advice I can give, is put yourself out there. Don’t be scared, everyone's in the same boat and enjoy it whilst it lasts because it goes so quick!

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