Exams and deadlines are finally over and now it’s time for a well-earned summer break. It can be tempting to just chill out and enjoy the nice weather, but there's loads of little things that you can be doing to make yourself more employable. Here are a few ideas of how to make the most of your time!

  • Summer camps
    There are so many agencies for summer camps, be it in the USA, Canada, Thailand or even here in England. You can work with young children all the way up to teenagers and even specialise in areas such as filmmaking, biking, boating, arts and crafts, sign language, the list goes on. Not only are you developing employable skills and having experiences which you can talk about in graduate job interviews, you'll also have loads of fun, earn money and make a genuine difference to someone's life.
  • Work placements
    Now is the time to also get an inside look at that career you think you might be interested in, without making a long term commitment. All it takes is a google search and some emails or phone calls and you can get some CV enhancing experience. Most places will allow volunteers or you to do some shadowing/basic tasks. Most individual hospital wards, audio companies, schools, vets, nurseries, sports clubs etc are likely to allow you some sort of access.
  • Work
    If you found yourself financially strained throughout the uni year, then summer is the perfect opportunity to get some hours in and earn some extra cash. A lot of companies will be recruiting just for summer staff or some might be flexible and may keep you on after September. Keep your eyes peeled on sites such as indeed and gumtree as well as shop, café, chip shops, restaurants windows for adverts.
  • Tavel
    A roadtrip across the USA, exploring Asia, an interrail around Europe, a train trip to Scotland or Wales, etc. There are options for all budgets and time frames. So many beautiful locations, inspiring people to meet and ridiculous amounts of fun to be had, and your summer break is definitely the time to be having them. Again, it's all life experience that you can talk about in interviews too!

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