• Pack in advance
    This way it won’t be as stressful or a blow to your bank account if you have to buy everything new, it also allows you to change your mind or keep adding things you’ve forgotten.
  • Stationery
    Resist the urge and don’t buy too much stationery straight away, go to the induction lectures first and then gauge what you will need.
  • Discounts
    Get yourself a railcard, the upfront cost may put you off but in the long run they will save you heaps of money and trains are a popular mode of transport within the suburbs of Leeds, as well as if you are using trains to visit home which is further afield. NUS, student beans and Totum cards have also countless discounts and offers so it’s worthwhile getting them too.
  • Meal ideas
    In your halls there will be someone who lives off of beans on toast and pizza, don’t be that person. Have a handful of your favourite healthy and cheap recipes that you can create easily, and fall back on. In time, your recipe repertoire will broaden as you watch what the others do and you adapt your recipes.
  • Bring clothes hangers Halls doesn’t provide coat hangers so make sure to bring plenty for all of your clothes as there won’t be enough drawer space for them all. It also saves you having to iron things if you get them hung up straight away!
  • Being independent
    University isn’t just about getting your degree, it’s also about learning to fend for yourself. Prepare for this by doing things without the safety net of your parents. Maybe offer to do some of the food shop for your parents, do your own washing or cook for your family. Not only will you feel confident living on your own, your family will also appreciate the help.

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