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Gone through Clearing? How to research your new Uni

Hi there, my name is Dorothy and I’m a final year marketing student at Leeds Beckett University. If you’ve accepted a place in clearing, here are a few sites that you can use to get to know your university before you arrive in September.

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You Tube

A quick YouTube search will help you to get to know your future university inside and out - this is because many universities have their own YouTube channels so you can see their virtual open days, campus videos, grounds and facilities before you arrive. In addition to this, both graduates and current students often use the platform to share vlogs which give others a first-hand insight into what life at the university is really like.

Attending Leeds Beckett University this year? Subscribe to the Leeds Beckett University Youtube channel and find out what life here is really like. There are plenty of student vlogs which give you an insight into what it’s like to study here.

The Student Room

If you’re not familiar with The Student Room, it will soon become your best friend in your search for information on your future university! The Student Room is an online forum and hub of helpful advice on everything student-related; starting from GCSE preparations spanning all the way to university applications and job applications.

You’ll need to create a login to access the site, however, once you do you’ll have access to lots of helpful advice from other students on your university. There are countless threads and chats to choose from so make sure you take your time scanning the website to find out everything you need to know.


Twitter is an excellent tool to utilise in order to find out information on almost any topic, especially for those looking for information on specific universities.

Not only do most universities have their own Twitter accounts, but students can also use hashtags and @’s to tweet their views about the university, making it easy for you to do your research.

Top Tip: Search #XUniversity (X=University name) to find out the latest announcements from your university and its students.

What Uni

What Uni is a useful tool that helps you to research specific courses and universities - and it’s super easy to use. All you need to do is enter your university or course into the search bar, and it’ll show you a range of stats, including:

  • University ranking
  • Student ranking
  • Student reviews
  • Cost of living (including pint prices!)
  • Similar universities

The Complete University Guide

It’s likely that you’ve already come across the Complete University Guide in your initial search for a university, however, it’s still helpful to use once you’ve accepted your place. This is because it gives you information on upcoming open days and tips on how to prepare for university life.

Top tip: Use their Open Day tool to find out when your university’s next open day will be.


LinkedIn is an excellent tool to utilise throughout your educational and professional career. It helps you to scan wide-spanning networks to find employees, clients and customers that can help you further your career. Not only this, it can help you get to know the potential people you might be working alongside when you arrive at university!

Don’t be afraid of connecting with people on LinkedIn - make sure you introduce yourself politely, and you’ll be sure to gain a wealth of information on your university in no time.

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