I started my higher education journey at the University of Law. I had completed a year and was just a few short weeks away from my second year when I decided that law was not the career path for me. I really did not enjoy it, but I knew I still wanted to go to university, and specifically go to university in Leeds. So, I found myself in clearing.

I decided I wanted to do a course in Business and Management. I wanted to stay in Leeds because I was already in the city and had accommodation sorted. So, I started to do some research and ask around at local universities to see where I’d like to go. I looked at the various universities and reviews in the area and Leeds Beckett Business School really stood out – it seemed to have excellent reviews. When speaking with tutors and staff members, they were so helpful and caring in comparison to other university staff I had spoken to and that in itself made me want to go there. Knowing the staff were so helpful and caring was great.

I realised that I had missed the main cycle of applications, so I’d have to go through clearing, and I did not know anything about the clearing process! I had researched what it was through the UCAS website but still struggled to get my head around it as I already had a place at another university.

There and then I decided to just phone Leeds Beckett’s clearing hotline and ask for a place on the Business and Management course. I was offered an unconditional offer there and then and was told the formal offer would be on its way. Leeds Beckett were quick and extremely helpful throughout the entire process and as I have anxiety I found them to be extremely reassuring and friendly, answering all questions I had.

Having anxiety, I was so worried that if I left the University of Law I would end up without a place at any university at all. I thought that I would have to leave and then wait for my new offer, effectively being in limbo, which worried me. Leeds Beckett were so understanding and reassuring that I would have a place with them, which really helped me to relax. They made an effort to provide me with a formal offer really quickly and told me instantly on the phone I would be accepted. Upon receiving my offer, I accepted straight away and was so relieved.

Fast forward to now, and I have just finished my course in Business and Management and I couldn’t have been happier. I took a year out to work and also spent six months over in Madrid. Had I have not gone through clearing, it is unlikely any of this would have occurred and I believe the whole process really helped with my confidence. I am so happy that I chose to go through clearing that day as I ended up having the best time. There are so many societies, activities and so much support at the university that I have zero regrets about coming here.

For those considering going through clearing, my advice would be to try not to worry. Although it is stressful, universities like Leeds Beckett will try to put your mind at ease about going through the process. I would also advise speaking to staff members from the department in which you wish to study, it provides a good insight into what it would be like to study with them and allows you the chance to ask any questions and see if you’ll fit in. It could be the best decision you make.

Clearing at Leeds Beckett

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