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My Experience of applying through Clearing

Hi, I’m Sim and I’m a final year Marketing & Advertising Management student at Leeds Beckett University. If you are worried about what to do after A-levels or wanting to start University later on in life and want to know more about applying through Clearing, then read on.

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My Experience

When I was still at college (a long time ago) I had applied through UCAS to a number of universities for similar courses. One was in fact Physiotherapy which is very random compared to what I finally studied at Leeds Beckett. In my head I never thought I’d go through Clearing however after getting those dreaded rejection emails from the universities, it seemed like the best and wisest choice. I panicked at first as the plan for my future wasn’t working out. My grades weren’t the best at college as I was young and easily distracted and this was probably why I had the rejection from the Physio degree. I liked the idea of working in a hospital in the past and helping people but in the long run I am glad as Physiotherapy isn’t for me and I was always more interested in the marketing side of business.

I have always been good with people and building strong and meaningful relationships, so marketing lends itself extremely well to my natural talent. I have always been creative in my work and curious about how things work - another reason why Marketing and Advertising Management is the right course for me. With guidance from my family and careers advisor I managed to apply and get a place at Leeds Beckett University studying a sandwich course in Marketing and Advertising Management.

Research the University

It’s important to make sure the university and the location is somewhere you can see yourself living as this will be your home for the next 3 / 4 years. Take a look at their campus online, stalk their social media channels and pages to get a feel for their culture and where you could live. Twitter and Student Room online will give you a more personal in-depth view on the university and the array of courses from past and present Students. If you have time, go visit the university campus and go to a Clearing Open Day. Here all your questions can be answered about the course and the university experience, so you can make a better-informed decision.

LinkedIn is a great way of connecting with other students and even lecturers. It’s an amazing networking tool and can be used to find out more on your university of choice. Use it to ask other students questions and try and see what extracurricular offerings you can find.

I found the best way was to look at Facebook groups for my course and ask students questions about they liked and disliked. I also stalked their website and made sure the university was a strong one with great teachers and facilities. I never got the chance to visit Leeds Beckett before I joined as my Clearing process was so quick however my friend who was already in his second year showed me round campus during summer, so I knew where everything was come September. I heard only good things about Leeds Beckett and the course I was studying through other existing students so had no doubts in my mind that this was the right choice. I felt blessed to have got a shot at attending a great university and nothing was going to change my mind.

Why Leeds Beckett

I chose Leeds Beckett through Clearing for many reasons.

  1. It offers amazing courses and support for its students, not just in regard to studies but with help in searching for part and full-time work. I found three jobs through the University which aided me in getting a full-time graduate role after I finished.
  2. Beautiful campuses – The Rose Bowl located in Leeds City Centre is perfect for students who want to shop / eat and keep themselves entertained all year long. The modern architecture of the building and state of the art features have made it a landmark within the city of Leeds; with its sister campus located in Headingly as well.
  3. The course / The university / The location made the decision for me. I knew when I accepted the place that this was the right decision. I went off gut instinct mainly as it’s hard to know where your choices are going to take you. I listened to my family and friends and careers advisors at college, however the final decision was ultimately down to me.

I am so extremely grateful to have got the chance to study at Leeds Beckett. Clearing made the whole process seamless and stress free and it was great to have such great support from everyone around me. I have just graduated with a 2:1 and shall be continuing to work in Leeds full time.

If you do choose to go through Clearing, then just be sure to make sure that it’s the right university and course for you. The staff at Leeds Beckett are great at answering any questions you may have and will be a great support during the application process. The right course is just around the corner so go ahead and stalk our Clearing page.

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