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A Guide to Halloween in Leeds

As a student, Halloween Is one of the most important nights out of the year. So it’s important to get it right! Part of Halloween is to get dressed up and put a costume on! Here are some of my top tips to make your Halloween one to remember!

Spooky road covered in fog

The night out. Where to go:

  • Project - Thursday 31st October (Tickets £5-£10)
  • Mischief haunted warehouse - Wednesday 30th (Tickets £3-£7)
  • Bongos Bingo - Wednesday 30th (Tickets £10-£15)
  • Living Dead Halloween festival at Uni Of Leeds - Thursday 31st (Tickets £7)
  • Mint Warehouse - Thursday 31st (Tickets £10 +)
  • Element at Mission - Thursday 31st (Tickets £5 +)
  • Backroom - Thursday 31st (Tickets £7)
  • Donuts at the Wardrobe - Thursday 31st (Tickets £5)
  • Pryzm - Thursday 31st (Tickets £3 +)
  • Mint Warehouse - Friday 1st

For my first year in Leeds I went to Club Mission. It was great fun and you can get dressed up! Mission has a couple of different rooms so it’s great for different types of music and people. Last year I went to Bongos Bingos and I’ve been back about five times since! It’s such a great night and everyone dresses up. You play bingo whilst drinking, dancing and playing competitions. Also, the prizes are amazing. If you can’t go to Bongos Bingos this year for Halloween, they run events all year, and whilst you’re in Leeds make sure you go.

Scary Halloween experiences:

  • Action 2: The Reawakening - The Emmerdale studio experience
  • Black Death zombie experience - Merrion Centre Thursday 31st
  • Mortel to Mortem - Thackray Medical museum - Thursday 31st
  • Leeds Bradford airport industrial estate - Thursday 31st (indoor scream park)
  • Yorkshire scare grounds in Wakefield - All week and weekend

A Halloween experience is great fun but don’t go alone! I went last year with my housemates and we had a really good time. We went to the one in Wakefield. Basically, you go around a maze, through different rooms where there are live actors to scare you and activities to participate in along the way.

Where to get your costume:

  • Luv Ya Babes - City Centre (They offer student discount)
  • Dress up and Party - Headingley
  • West Yorkshire Play house costume hire - From as little as £3 a costume!
  • Charity shops
  • Vintage stores - Blue Rinse/Sue Ryder vintage/ Pop Boutique

The past few years I have ordered my Halloween costume online, from places like Ebay and ASOS. However, I have used the costume shops above for accessories to my costume and other costumes for throughout the year. They are all fairly cheap, have a great range of costumes and they usually offer student discount! West Yorkshire playhouse re-uses costumes from the plays and they honestly have about 100 rails of costumes to choose from. There is something for everyone! I went last week, and they had animal costumes, costumes with fake blood on and even suits to hire.

Costume ideas for groups:

Most places in Leeds allow you to get dressed up and go out. A large majority of people will be in fancy dress on the Thursday.

On the Saturday, something goes on in Headingley called an Otley Run. This is a bar crawl of about 16 pubs (if you can do it all). Although it happens every Saturday, and its tradition to get dressed up as Saturday the 2nd November is a special Halloween one where people are going dressed in Halloween costumes. As its usually done a group, it’s a great idea to go in matching costumes.

  • Animals
  • Power rangers
  • Barbies
  • Tennis players
  • Any sports players
  • Pirates
  • Mario Kart
  • Princesses
  • 90’s or 80’s
  • Scooby Do gang
  • Marvel superheroes
  • Police

Pumpkin picking and carving:

If you want to decorate your house, flat or just make some pumpkin soup head down to a pumpkin patch and choose one!

  • Swithens Farm - LS26 0BT
  • Birchfield Diaries
  • Bets Barrow - LS25 5NQ
  • Meanwood Valley farm - LS7 2QG

If you’re not fancying something Halloween-ee:

I understand that Halloween isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but you may still want to do something. Leeds is a great city to keep yourself busy and find things to do.

You could go out and play some games:

  • Junkyard Golf - Crazy golf with a twist. They do great cocktails and student discount
  • Roxy ballroom - Head down to play pool, play table tennis or beer pong
  • Trinity Kitchen - The Dugout - A new place has opened in Trinity Kitchen where if there’s a sports game on you can head down, get some good food and watch it. They also have board games that you can play!

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