Applying through Clearing

Before applying to Beckett through Clearing, I had previously applied to study Children’s Nursing which is a highly competitive course. After being unsuccessful with my previous applications, I started to consider other options, which led me to think about studying History as I was still determined to go to university and so that’s when I started to think about applying through Clearing. 

I did not expect to be starting university that year and it was not until I received an email from UCAS sponsored by Leeds Beckett which gave me information on the courses that were available in Clearing. I spent the day researching the course, the university and Leeds itself as I had not considered Leeds Beckett before I received the email. This research outlined multiple positive aspects that promoted my choice including interesting subject modules, a range of resources and services including the library facilities and access to mental health support, to name just two. Leeds sounded like a great place to study. The website mentioned that it’s place where you can connect with other students at the various other Higher Education institutions, enjoy the rich culture the city has to offer and almost everything is within walking distance.

Contacting the University

The university had an array of information regarding Clearing on their website which was helpful in my decision-making process. When I was confident that I wanted to study at Leeds Beckett, I called the dedicated Clearing hotline to speak to a member of the Admissions Team. They asked me a number of questions to see if I was eligible for a place on the course, before offering me a provisional place to study. After this offer was made, I had 24 hours to decide if I wanted to confirm the place that has been offered.

Later in the day I received a phone call from a senior lecturer on the History course who asked if I had any questions and offered a more direct insight into the course and what my experience would be like. I found this approach very supportive and helpful and was grateful that the staff went out of their way to be on hand at such short notice. This reassured me that if I confirmed my place at Leeds Beckett I would be working with friendly and supportive staff making the educational experience much more worthwhile. 

Finding Accommodation

Applying through Clearing can be stressful but researching and planning can help the process. As well as finding your course, you also need to find accommodation for your first year of study which would start in a months’ time. Whilst most students will have applied and found accommodation earlier in the year, there are still often rooms to be found so this should not worry anyone thinking of applying through Clearing. There are many different accommodation providers across Leeds offering thousands of beds. I applied for accommodation through the university website to live in halls of residence provided by an external company which placed me in a flat of five alongside other Leeds Beckett students. The process of applying for accommodation is easy to do as you can access information such as flat size, availability of en-suites and distance from university featured on the profile of each halls of residence via the university website.

Positive Experience

Understandably there are a range of emotions to process during this fast-paced application but with the support provided by the university you can be confident that you are making the right decision. Once you start your course there is no difference between you and those who gained their place earlier in the year. Overall, the process was simple and there was various support available from the university and the individual course team. I would thoroughly recommend Clearing if you have changed your mind on the course you want to study or were unsuccessful in your original UCAS applications.

Top Clearing Tip

Take some time to decide on what you wish to do, research and make the most of the resources and contacts that are available to you as these are invaluable in the Clearing process. 

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