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My Clearing Experience

Hi, my name is Amreen, and in this blog I’m going to talk about my experience applying through Clearing and how the process was easy and stress free.
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Results Day

I received the news that I did not meet the requirements for my firm choice and was accepted by my insurance choice instead. However, I did not feel content with my insurance choice on the day and took some days out to think about my decision. I decided that I wanted to look at other universities and apply through Clearing. I thought about which institution would be best for me and also which city. 

Calling Leeds Beckett

After researching, I decided to reject my original insurance choice and call up the Leeds Beckett Clearing phone line to see if they had any places available for Law. I was very eager as I knew that Law was going to be the best subject for me and my career. Throughout my research I found out that Leeds is a great city for the legal profession. There are so many national law firms and even big commercial law practices within Leeds in which I wanted to have the opportunity to get exposure to. I chose Leeds Beckett because of their links and close connections with these firms.


The Clearing process was pretty straight-forward, easy to follow and it was done within 20-30 minutes. There was no confusion or complexity when it came to the process and the people on the Clearing phone line were really helpful and clearly explained what the next steps would be. This was really helpful for me during that time as I was going through an immense amount of stress when I didn’t get my grades, but the Clearing process released the stress completely. When I found out that there were places available for my course, I immediately accepted the offer on UCAS and enrolled onto the university a few weeks later.

Welcome from the start

I would definitely recommend the Clearing process, especially as someone who thought they would never have to go through it in Year 13. Clearing always seems to have a notion of being available for those who achieve really bad grades, and it is not the case at all. It is something that is available for anyone if they are not happy with the University they originally chose to go to and is a strategy to utilise if you do change your mind.

It has benefited me immensely because without it, I probably would be at a university and in a city that I would was not happy with. The Leeds Beckett Clearing process made me feel so welcome and part of the University right from the start. I would highly recommend utilising Clearing as a potential option for students, especially for those who feel stuck or pressured into getting into a specific university.

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