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Why I love the student area of Headingley

Hi, I’m Laura, a second year student at Leeds Beckett. In this blog I’ll be sharing with you why I think Headingley is one of the best places to live and explore as a student.

Headingley road sign

Just outside of the city centre and home to one of the Beckett campuses, Headingley is an extremely student friendly area with plenty to see and do. It has welcomed me with open arms, and I have loved every minute of living here. For those of you who may be new to Headingley or have not had chance to explore it yet, here are some of my top recommendations to try.

Flats in Headingley

A snapshot of Headingley housing

Bars and restaurants you need to know about

No student area would be complete without a few go-to bars and restaurants. Somewhere you can guarantee a good time for a good price. Me and my friends have three hot spots which we can always count on for a fun night out.

  1. Our first place is The Box, a student sports bar with a great atmosphere and there is no need to worry about the rain with their fully covered and heated outdoor seating. If you're someone who enjoys a good pint whilst watching the football, then The Box is definitely the place for you. I would also highly recommend the steak frites, the best loaded chips in Headingley.
  2. Next on my go-to list is Manahatta. This is my personal favourite for a cheeky night out or an afternoon of drinks. I love a good cocktail and Manahatta always has a 2 for 1 deal, really what more could you want?

  3. Finally, is Headingley Taps, you will not find a single student who hasn’t been here at least once. Taps has one of the biggest drinks and food menus for the cheapest prices as well as one of the largest beer gardens in Headingley. Me and my friends have had many great nights out here and there will be many more to come. 

Want to try something new?

There have been a few new additions to the Headingley line up recently and no surprise I have already tested them out. If you’re up for trying something completely new I would definitely recommend Zaap, a Thai street food restaurant that opened last month. It has a range of authentic dishes, desserts, and drinks and from what I have tried they are all amazing. One of the best things I have tried there is their cocktail bubble tea. It’s something I had never tried before but it was 100% worth it.

Fat Hippo is another new addition and is definitely one for the burger lovers. They offer a traditional burger and chips but with a twist. For anyone with a smaller appetite like myself they even offer their “Fast Hippo” range Monday to Thursday which is a smaller burger and chips with just as much flavour, which for me is the perfect size. They also have their own famous “Hippo sauce” which adds an extra cheesy spice to their loaded fries. Definitely check them out!

Fat Hippo Burgers

Image: Fat Hippo

Exploring the outdoors

This may be hard to believe but I do have other hobbies than drinking and eating and over the course of lockdown I’ve decided to do a little exploring around Headingley. One hideaway spot I would recommend is The Hollies. It’s a short drive or walk from the centre of Headingley and has some beautiful walks around it. From waterfalls to woodland trails, it’s a beautiful place for an afternoon walk or picnic. I have been several times and you can choose to spend half an hour there or hours, it has so many walks to try.

If you are looking for an outdoor space with a little bit of life, Beckett park is always a favourite spot for students. It’s an open space right next to campus where you can find students having picnics, going on runs or even just chilling in the sun, it is very student friendly. Me and my friends are planning a rounders game there this summer, so we can have some fun in the sun.

Beckett Park

Beckett Park

Headingley is definitely one of the best places to live as a student, it's so welcoming and supportive towards students. Students are the life and soul of Headingley and I would recommend it to anyone. Whether you're looking for a fun night out, great food or even just a quiet place to walk, Headingley can offer it all. 

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