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Fabrication Crafts

Fabrication has only just opened up in the city centre and is already one of my favourite shops. They sell all sorts of things created by local artists, from jewellery and clothing to prints and homeware. The shop is ideal for birthday gifts - especially for that one housemate who has the most confusing taste of anyone you’ve ever met (we all have one). It's also great for small trinkets and room decor for when you feel like treating yourself. It’s a cute shop to look around and I could easily spend an hour browsing. It’s a little pricey for the student budget if you were buying things all the time, hence why I recommend it more for gifts, however as most of their products are handmade this is easily forgivable. 

Gift Shop

Some of the handmade gifts

Vintage Boutique

Vintage Boutique is another shop I could spend hours in. It is as its name suggests - a boutique of vintage clothes, art, music and knick-knacks. While it is a bit expensive for second-hand items, everything is handpicked and in good condition, and you are living sustainably, buying second hand without the effort of rifling through charity shops for hours. It’s always fun to have a look around and see what they have. The shop is also in the prime location for students, right on the road leading from Hyde Park to the city, so is a great location to stop and have a browse on the way home from uni.

Corn Exchange

The Corn Exchange is, first and foremost, one of the most beautiful buildings in Leeds, and the large domed structure is the home to some of its cutest shops. Vendors range from piercing and tattoo parlours, barbers and clothing to plant shops, food, and souvenirs. It’s the ideal place to pop into on a shopping trip, and definitely somewhere I would recommend taking friends and parents who come to visit you at uni.



Shops in the Corn Exchange

Aku Bakr

If you’re anything like me and forget at least one item every Aldi trip, Abu Bakr is the place for you. Right in the centre of Hyde Park, and thus in easy walking distance to most student houses, this supermarket is far bigger and cheaper than the other supermarket options for a last-minute ingredient. It also has a way larger range of different cultures of food, and all sorts of snacks which you don’t see elsewhere. Equally, they have a deli counter to die for, which is very well priced and serves things such as samosas, pakora, bhajis and curries, and is ideal for a night when you don’t want to cook but also don’t want to splash out on an expensive takeaway.

Kirkgate Market

You could spend the whole day browsing Kirkgate Market and still not see every stall. The huge indoor market is open every day, and right in the city centre, so it is super accessible. Everything is pretty well priced, and you have all of the options that you’d usually find in a weekly farmers market - meat, veg, food vendors and all sorts of independently-owned businesses. The market also holds events, such as a Yorkshire pudding festival that I went to last year which had a ridiculous amount of both savoury and sweet Yorkshire puds for sale. 

Kirkgate market

Kirkgate Market stalls

Kirkstall Cancer Research

I could rave for days about how much I love charity shops, but Kirkstall’s Cancer Research store is my new favourite. It is a little out of the way from where most students are located, however it is in a retail park with other shops and is round the corner from Kirkstall Abbey, which is the most beautiful day out and well worth the walk there. Cancer Research is a good size, and well-priced with everything under £3. Whether you’re looking for a bargain, really want to recreate the shopping scene from Wild Child, or just want a browse, this is the place for you.


As a film student, CEX is possibly my favourite shop to visit. It consists of DVDs, video games, and phones/laptops/consoles etc, all second hand and well-priced but in good condition. The Leeds store is right in the city, and is pretty big so whether you go in looking for something specific or just browse for ideas on what to watch when you’ve got through all of Netflix, you’re bound to leave the shop with armfuls from the £1 DVD section.


DVD shop

DVD selection in store

I hope you’ve found this blog useful and enjoy shopping in Leeds!

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