Bird Watch Walk 2018

As a nice end to the Easter week before Good Friday, we held a Bird Watch Walk co-organised with colleagues from Grounds Maintenance Team. Held in the woods surrounding Headingley Campus and Beckett Park, we kicked off just after noon. Armed with some RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch sheets, some crayons and motivation, we were very excited.
Leeds Beckett Headingley Campus
The most observed birds were woodpigeons (at least on my list), alongside carrion crows, blue tits, magpies, robins, dunnocks, jackdaw, amongst many others. The most fascinating was that each one had a specific sound and Carl and Paul could tell with from experience which bird it was. Unfortunately, we did not catch any picture of them due to us being too far and being equipped with not-so-sophisticated cameras on our phones.

A special thanks to Paul and Carl from Grounds Team who guided us through the woods and who were very knowledgeable.

This event was part of the Green Impact scheme we run at the university. If you want to get involved and make your working environment more sustainable, then please contact us via

This winter, many people across the UK have been watching the variety of birds in the nature. The House Sparrow came on top again this year (oddly enough, we didn't spot any on the walk). Find which birds made it to Top 10 here: Big Garden Birdwatch results 2018.
Bird Watchers in the Car Park
Bird Watching in Forest 1
Bird Watchers in Forest 2
Bird Watchers in Forest 3
Scenery - Taken by Bird Watchers
List of birds seen between 12 - 1
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