Green Impact relaunch

Over the past two days (18th & 19th April), we (Sustainability Team) hosted the Green Impact Relaunch event, at City and Headingley respectively. We had a slightly different programme on both days but the turnout was impressive.
In City Campus, we had the Student Environmental Auditors as a bonus who attended as well. Back in December they kindly spared a day to volunteer as Environmental Auditor. They were presented with their certificates and were deservedly applauded for their effort.
Suyin receiving her certificate from Brian's hands

Suyin receiving her certificate from Brian's hands

Rachel (Sustainability Project Assistant) then briefly talked about how Green Impact works, why it's beneficial for you, colleagues and for our university to be involved in the scheme, what we can get out of it and how it can improve team spirit.
Bruna's turn

Bruna's turn

Next, Brian (Sustainability Student Placement), discussed some of the changes in the new toolkit. Overall there are 36 new additions in the new toolkit over the different types sections (Office-based, Catering and Portering, etc...). Some of the minor changes include staff being involved in Warpit, refer Green Impact to colleagues, and inform about the facilities in place in the university to make us more sustainable. Then, major changes was described - teamwork is a must! Yes, that is something we wanted to make sure in this year; that all team members are fully engaged. A brainstorming meeting will have to be organised by each team to determine how their team can support the 17 UN Sustainable Goals at a departmental, university or societal level. SMART action plan to tackle their worst environmental impact was also introduced - staff sit, acknowledge, assess and together tackle issues which they previously wouldn't think of due to 'that is always how it's been done'. We firmly believe that some new innovations can come out of these discussions and make our staff's work more efficient and more sustainable!


As a lovely touch to the relaunch in Headingley Campus, Louise Hartley (CARES Headingley) very kindly gave a testimony of her experience in Green Impact. She mostly described how thanks to the scheme, their team worked together to tackle issues that they faced; as well as it improved team spirit.

Rachel talking Green Impact with the attentive crowd.

Rachel talking Green Impact with the attentive crowd.

If you want to join Green Impact as well, sign up here:

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