Use a digital notebook instead of a paper notepad.

This is the number one way to reduce waste whilst at university. As a student or staff you go through so much paper. I myself recently did a clear out of the first two years of university scrap paper I'd used and was shocked to fill over one black bin liner! I have since moved to using a tablet to make all of my notes on. This is also a lot easier to plan out your life balance by using reminders. 
Any textbooks I have bought, have also been sold on eBay to further reduce waste and help a student save money. Why would you waste on a £40 textbook?
Did you know you can also hire laptops amongst other equipment from the university? Check out the website and see what equipment could help you in your studies. Starting with a laptop to take notes on in lectures. 

Save energy by investing in a timer for your power sockets, great for keeping IT device batteries healthy.

The beauty of using a tablet, like an iPad, is that everything is saved and can be shared in the cloud. So even if you forget your tablet one day, you still have everything you need on your phone or computer. 

Don’t print emails, save them to your digital notebook to organise and take them with you wherever you go.

Most shops don't even require a printed receipt now, as they can send them electronically. Whilst it may be tedious to stand there and read off your email in a shop, it saves paper and you can easily keep an email safe.
Same goes for university, don't bother to print off an email when you can easily show it on your phone. You can easily find an email again just by searching keywords or a name. 
Don't Print Sign

Proof read on screen without needing to print – highlight, annotate and line space your text to make it comfortable to read.

Using a tablet is great for this, brands offer stylus pens now that easily allow you to highlight and draw on documents.
If you're more creative this will definitely appeal to you.
Proofreading on a computer is just as easy, you can add comments by the side of text or type it in and change the colour so it stands out. 

Look after your PC, tablet and mobile, power it off once a week to keep it healthy.

Powering off is the easiest way to conserve electricity and save yourself some money. Restarting a device is an effective way to help update your systems as well. 

Recycle your old IT equipment or donate it to charity, recycle at Apple for a discount on your next purchase.

This is a great way to save waste and you could even make yourself some money by trading in or selling online. 
Find more information on trading in products with apple here:

Apple Recycling Scheme

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