I often over make my dinner so that I have food for the next day and don't have to spend extra money on campus food. You can also easily batch cook food that was going out of date or you hadn't planned to use for the rest of the week. You could also incorporate the batch foods into different meals, for example, batch cook veg and use it in a variety of dishes. Saving yourself money will mean you have more to spend on your nights out!

Cook and shop with your flatmates

Coordinate with your flatmates for meals and shopping - you could make a meal plan for the week and decide which nights you'll cook together on. You might find that you can become more creative with recipes when cooking with friends. 

Buy vintage and give to charity

LBSU holds many vintage kilo sales and its a great opportunity to get a new wardrobe at a fraction of the cost. Keep an eye on the SU website for more information.
For any items of clothing that may need repairs, be sure to take them to an alterations shop or you could even DIY that favourite pair of ripped jeans. Don't throw your clothes in the bin either; take them to the nearest household recycling centre where pretty much everything can be recycled. There's recycling centres in Kirkstall and Meanwood, so you can get there on public transport.
Leeds Beckett Headingley Campus is also home to a thrift shop. You can donate, shop or volunteer here; the best part is that any money you spend goes straight back into the SU!
SU Thrift Shop

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