Sustainable New Years Resolutions

There are so many ways you can change your habits to improve your sustainable efforts in the new year, even if its something small, its probably having a larger impact than you think. 
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  • Eat organic produce as much as possible. Whilst organic produce can often cost a little more; it comes without the GMO's and pesticides. If the food was grown locally, then you know you're supporting your local economy too. 

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  • Stop buying fast fashion. Don't buy cheap clothes that you'll only wear for one season then decide isn't good enough any more. The fabrics can often be petrol based and highly toxic, never mind all the Co2 produced in transport. 
  • Bring your own water bottle and coffee cups. Coffee cups can only be recycled if put into the right bins on campus and around Leeds, which are not always convenient for everyone. Make an effort to recycle your coffee cup in the Rose Bowl café and receive a reward in return. You should carry a water bottle everywhere with you. there are loads of refill fountains all over campus and you can use the MyBeckett app to find the nearest one!

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  • Bring your own shopping bags. Carrying a small bag with you causes little inconvenience and can save you some money. You probably accumulated a lot of carrier bags over Christmas; don't throw them straight out, reuse them. 
  • Plan your food shop to help reduce waste. "The waste hierarchy sets out five steps for dealing with waste, ranked according to their environmental impact. It states that surplus food should be used to feed people first before it is sent to animal feed or energy" (Fare Share). 

Food Waste Hierarchy

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