Postgraduate MA

Architecture Futures

Develop expertise that will enable you to engage with architecture and the built environment in new, creative, innovative and socially responsible ways.

Architecture Futures

Course Overview

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  • Main location

    City Campus
  • Attendance

  • Duration

    12 Months
  • Start date

    18 Sep 2023

Combining modules that explore architectural design, this course will help you gain an in-depth knowledge and skillset across design, arts, media and humanities.

As part of your course you'll:

  • Produce a focused research project in writing
  • Develop expertise in appropriate design research methodologies
  • Build skills, knowledge and critical judgement for the advanced study of architecture

MA Architecture Futures aims to provide an education that stimulates academic achievement, personal initiative, and acquisition of inter and trans-disciplinary knowledge and skills. 

You will focus on one of four prominent interdisciplinary strands including:

  • ARCHITECTURAL AGENCY & PRACTICE, exploring the crucial issues of architectural agency and its forms of social engagement
  • DIGITAL ARCHITECTURES, including the use of computational techniques in architecture to produce solutions within material and social systems
  • ARCHITECTURE & MEDIA, using innovative integration of different media in the process of architectural and urban design
  • ARCHITECTURE & URBANISM, considering aspects of environmental concerns, infrastructure, policy, territory, reuse and appropriation
  • All themes are considered in the contemporary transformation and expansion of the architectural discipline

Your modules will help you to develop a conceptual and critical approach to the architecture project, while key modules will give you the option to choose a research (written) or a design pathway (design portfolio).

Using a series of case studies, you will identify and demonstrate new perspectives on existing knowledge and practice and will be expert in suggesting innovative solutions to a range of complex urban issues.

Suitable for graduates from a range of architectural and spatial or environmental design disciplines, this course is focused on education through strong research methodologies that inform research-led design and critical reflection. You will be encouraged and supported as you develop specialist knowledge in the landscape of architecture, spatial and interdisciplinary practice.

Student work
For examples of the work produced in our architecture studios, check out our Leeds School of Arts website, our Leeds School of Arts Festival 2020, our End of Year Show Guide 2019, or our 2019 Research Yearbook; Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4 & Volume 5. You can also follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

Like minds
You will join a community of fellow postgraduate students from architecture, landscape design and urban design and you will be encouraged to collaborate with your peers to create a forum for exploration, experimentation, discussion and group-based learning.

Extended learning opportunities
There will be opportunities to attend activities such as the Architecture Open Lecture Series, symposia, workshops and interdisciplinary related events alongside fellow architecture and landscape students.

Specialist facilities
You will have access to an excellent learning environment which includes multimedia studios equipped with computers, pin-up areas and dedicated desk areas, and in addition you have access to the school 3D Model shop, a 24/7 library and specialist workshops.


Why study Architecture Futures at Leeds Beckett University...

  1. Explore architectural design alongside skills and ideas from design, arts, media and humanities
  2. Benefit from the school's close links to architecture practices in the Yorkshire region, throughout the UK, and beyond
  3. Gain from the course team's extensive industry knowledge and professional networks
  4. Leeds Beckett is home to project office, our own in-house RIBA chartered architectural practice
  5. Study within Leeds School of Arts - one of the largest university arts communities in the north, with 3000 students spread across over 40 courses and 170 years of inspiring, challenging and innovative practices
  6. Take advantage of the interdisciplinary nature of the the school; gain access to a vast range of ideas, skills and facilities which will allow you to shape your practice to suit you

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