Postgraduate MSc

Cyber Security and Digital Forensics

You’ll take an interdisciplinary approach to cyber security and digital forensics as you build on your existing knowledge through subject-specific and project-based modules.

Cyber Security and Digital Forensics

Course Overview

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  • Main location

    Headingley Campus Beckett Park
  • Attendance

  • Duration

    12 Months
  • Start date

    16 Sep 2024

Build your undergraduate degree-level knowledge of cyber security and digital forensics. This master's course will help to prepare you for a career across these intricate disciplines.

As part of this course, you’ll:

  • Gain a critical appreciation and understanding of the more complex elements of cyber security and digital forensics, combining both academic principles and industrial needs 
  • Develop skills that reflect industry requirements through employer engagement
  • Take part in scheduled sessions including lectures, lab exercises and discussion groups
  • Participate in activities such as simulations, role-play, case studies, projects, practical work, work-based learning, workshops, peer tutoring, peer group interaction, self-managed teams and learner managed learning
  • Conduct critical research and professional analysis, develop solutions, evaluate your work and create a report to present to your supervisors through a dissertation project

Develop your expertise
You’ll gain specialist knowledge in challenging areas within digital forensics, such as image and video forensic investigations. In security areas, you’ll obtain knowledge and expertise in software security exploitation development and the analysis and implementation of security mechanisms to defend and analyse systems.

Research study
This course will also develop your knowledge in research practices and advanced scholarship as well as project development and management. The specialisation you’ll gain through taught modules will be further developed through a research or practical based master’s dissertation project.

Practical learning
This is a hands-on subject area and it’s important to gain practical experience; practical exercises will allow you to implement your theoretical learning and see how it relates to industry. Theory alone would be unlikely to enable you to achieve successful employment in this field. 

Cyber security online
If you don’t have prior degree-level knowledge of cyber security or digital forensics, we offer the MSc Cyber Security distance learning course. This master’s will boost your existing computing knowledge with an additional focus on cyber security.

Why study Cyber Security & Digital Forensics at Leeds Beckett University...

  1. Gain specialism - in the challenging field of cyber security and digital forensics
  2. Practical course – with hands-on learning opportunities to compliment your theoretical study
  3. Access to specialist software – including Hacktivity and the university’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)