International SEEDS Conference 2018

  • 00.00 - 23.30
  • 06 Sep 2018 - 07 Sep 2018
  • Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin, Ireland
International SEEDS Conference 2018
Enabling Sustainability: Impacting all stakeholders

The built environment has a greater impact on natural resources and produces more waste than any other industry. However, beyond the green rhetoric research is being applied on the ground to address the balance between the built and natural environment. The International SEEDS Conference brings together experts from around the world focusing on the changes that are taking place and the benefits or consequences that are being predicted and measured regarding the built environment’s impacts. As well as addressing technical issues, measuring energy efficiency and modelling energy performance, emphasis is placed on the health and wellbeing of the users of spaces occupied and enclosed. Understanding how buildings and spaces are designed and nurtured to obtain the optimal outcome is the focus of discussion and debate. This holistic approach draws together the research themes of energy, building performance and physics while placing health, wellbeing and ecology at the heart of the conference.

Through research and proven practice, the aim of the SEEDS conference is to foster ideas on how to reduce negative impacts on the environment while providing for the health and wellbeing of the society. The professions and fields of research required to ensure buildings meet user demands and provide healthy enclosures are many and diverse. The SEEDS conference addresses the interdependence of people, the built and natural environments, and recognises the interdisciplinary and international themes required to assemble the knowledge required for positive change.

Four main conference tracks:

  • Energy and Buildings
  • Environment
  • Design for the 21st century
  • Sustainability education

Seeds Abstracts 2018


Rise 2018 Posters

Rise 2018 Posters

SEEDS Special Issue International Journal 2018

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SEEDS Conference Proceedings

SEEDS Conference Proceedings 2018

Dr Emmanuel Abogye-Nimo - University of Brighton

Mr Martin Adlington - University of Derby

Dr Dominic Ahiaga-Dagbui - Deakin University

Dr Saheed Ajayi – Leeds Beckett University

Associate Professor Patricia Aloise-Young - Colorado State University

Mr Zaid Alwan - Northumbria University

Associate Professor Karl Andersson - Lulea University of Technology

Ms Giham Badi - Leeds Beckett University

Professor Sodagar Behzad - University of Lincoln

Dr Adrian Bown - Leeds Beckett University

Mr Matthew Brooke-Peat - Leeds Beckett University

Associate Professor Martine Buser - Chalmers University of Technology

Dr Talib Butt - University of Wales, Trinity St David

Dr Pedro-Pablo Cardoso-Castro - Leeds Beckett University

Mr John Cavanagh - University of Aberdeen

Professor Anita Ceric - University of Zagreb

Dr Paul Chan - University of Manchester

Dr Udeaja Chika - University of Salford

Dr Nicholas Chileshe - University of South Australia

Dr Ang Mei Choo - Universitii Kebangsaan Malaysia

Dr Alex Copping - University of Bath

Professor Richard Cozzens - Southern Utah University

Mr Ciaran Cuffe - Dublin Institute of Technology

Professor Mohammad Dastbaz - University of Suffolk

Professor Olaf Droegehorn – Harz University of Applied Science, Germany

Professor Aidan Duffy - Dublin Institute of Technology

Professor Mohammed Dulaimi - Leeds Beckett University

Mr James Durrant - Leeds Beckett University

Professor Charles Egbu - London South Bank University

Dr Aitor Erkoreka - University of the Basque Country

Professor Fidelis Emuze - Central University of Technology, Free State

Dr Richard Fitton - University of Salford

Mr Cormac Flood – Dublin Institute of Technology

Dr Roberto Garay Martinez - Technalia Research and Innovation

Dr Jean-Phillipe Georges - University of Lorraine

Professor Putrus Ghanim - Northumbria University

Professor Barry Gledson - Northumbria University

Dr David Glew - Leeds Beckett University

Professor Anatoliy Gorbenko - Khal National Aerospace University

Professor Christopher Gorse - Leeds Beckett University

Professor Rajat Gupta - Oxford Brookes University

Ms Tahira Hamid - Leeds Beckett University

Mr John Heathcote - Leeds Beckett University

Dr Anthony Higham - University of Salford

Dr Paul Hirst - Leeds Beckett University

Dr Max Hope - Leeds Beckett University

Dr Ornella Iuoria - University of Leeds

Professor Arnold Janssens - Universiteit Gent

Dr Carlos Jimenez-Bescos - Anglia Ruskin University

Professor David Johnston - Leeds Beckett University

Mr Allan Jones - Leeds Beckett University                                              

Mr Hadi Kazemi - Leeds Beckett University

Dr Andrew King - Nottingham Trent University

Dr Alexandra Klimova - ITMO University, Russia

Dr Ah-Lian Kor - Leeds Beckett University

Professor Mikkel Kragh - University of Southern Denmark

Professor Richard Laing - Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen

Professor Tim Lang - City University London

Dr Alfred Leung - Leeds Beckett University

Dr John Littlewood - Cardiff Metropolitan University

Professor Martin Loosemore - University of New South Wales

Professor Peter Love - Curtin University

Dr Shu-Ling Lu - University of Reading

Mr Andy Maguire - Dublin Institute of Technology

Professor Phebe Mann - University of East London

Dr Wilfred Masuwa Matipa - Liverpool John Moores University

Dr Angela May-Banbury - Sheffield Hallam University

Ms Chrissi McCarthy - Constructing Equality Ltd.

Dr Teresa McGrath - Queen's University Belfast

Dr Henrik Medsen - University of Reading

Ms Janet Mulcrone - Leeds Beckett University

Dr Mark Mulville - Dublin Institute of Technology

Mr Darryl Newport - University of East London

Mr Killian Ngong - Leeds Beckett University

Professor Brian Norton - Dublin Institute of Technology

Dr Conor Norton - Dublin Institute of Technology

Dr Sunny Nwaubani - Anglia Ruskin University

Ms Justine Oakes - University of Suffolk

Dr Edward Ochieng - Cranfield University

Dr Oladapo Adebayo - University of Central Lancashire

Dr Alex Opoku - University College London

Mr Emeka Osaji - Leeds Beckett University

Dr Mohamed Osmani - Loughborough University

Dr Alice Owen - University of Leeds

Professor Parneet Paul - Leeds Beckett University

Dr James Parker - Leeds Beckett University

Professor Colin Pattinson - Leeds Beckett University

Dr Poorang Piroozfar - University of Brighton

Dr Francesco Pomponi - Edinburgh Napier University

Professor Jari Porras - Lappeeranta University of Technology

Dr Martin Pritchard - Leeds Beckett University

Professor David Proverbs - Birmingham City University

Dr Ani Raiden - Nottingham Trent University

Professor Christine Raisanen - Chalmers University of Technology

Professor Ahmed Rashed - The British University in Egypt

Professor Gustaaf Roels - University of Leuven

Professor Eric Rondeau - Université de Lorraine, France

Ms Josie Rothera - Leeds Beckett University -

Professor Andrew Ross - Liverpool John Moores University

Professor Mushatat Sabah - University of Wolverhampton

Assistant Professor Dirk Saelens - Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Dr Ajayi Saheed - Leeds Beckett University

Professor Jose Maria Sala Lizarraga - University of the Basque Country

Professor Lloyd Scott - Dublin Institute of Technology

Dr Jennifer Seavers - Leeds Beckett University

Dr Fred Sherratt - Anglia Ruskin University

Professor Alan Simson - Leeds Beckett University

Professor John Smallwood - Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Dr Robby Soetanto - Loughborough University

Dr John Spillane - Queen's University Belfast Research Portal

Dr Lisa Stansbie - Leeds Beckett University

Professor Paul Stephenson - Sheffield Hallam University

Professor Ian Strange - Leeds Beckett University

Dr Christian Stuck - University of Applied Sciences

Professor Andrew Sumner - CBRE Cost Management

Dr Keith Sutherland - Dublin Institute of Technology

Dr Andrew Swan - Leeds Beckett University

Professor Will Swan - University of Salford

Dr Kevin Thomas - Leeds Beckett University

Dr Craig Thomson - Glasgow Caledonian University

Professor David Thorpe - University of Southern Queensland

Associate Professor Apollo Tutesigensi - University of Leeds

Ms Maria Unuigbe - Leeds Beckett University

Professor Andre Viljoen - University of Brighton

Mr David Walton - University of Suffolk

Dr Phil Webber - University of Leeds

Mr Michael White - Leeds Beckett University

Dr Stephen Wilkinson - Leeds Beckett University

Dr Hannah Wood - University of Brighton

Professor John Woodward - Northumbria University

Dr Hong Xiao - Birmingham City University

Professor Peter Young - Colorado State University

Professor Arkady Zaslavsky - CSIRO

Dr Sam Zulu - Leeds Beckett University

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