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Performing Arts

Georgie Sherman: ‘True Story…’

We Are Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Subject Area is a close community of students, alumni, and artist-researchers who aim to create diverse and courageous artistic practices that fundamentally challenge the disciplines that speak to our programmes and the cultural fabric that structures our social worlds. Much of the third-year final practices that are being presented on this year’s festival website are demonstrable of these aims, some challenge our understandings of choreographic and dance practices, while others push at the boundaries of theatre and performance. Some works sensitively speak to, and illuminate, the lived experiences of sex, ethnicity, and mental health concerns. These performances are a testament to the learning journey that our students undertake over the three years on our degrees, studying modules like Digital Practices, Cultural Perspectives, and Self.<

The final projects that our students engage with are presented in what we've come to call our 'Lift Off Festival'. This week-long event takes place in May and is designed to showcase the type of practices that each individual has become interested in throughout their studies. More importantly, it is also a platform to showcase work that has the potential to be taken further after graduation, we have seen many of our alumni do this, some of which have showcased performances in festivals such as Sibiu International Theatre Festival, SPILL, and Transform. The Lift Off Festival is first and foremost a point of assessment, but it is also a celebration of our community's achievements in art, pedagogy and research; it is a point in our year where we can reflect on what matters in performance and not on what performance matters.

Lift Off is then followed by our MA Landing Party in the Autumn, check back here to see some of their work later in the year.

The Dean's Prize for Excellence in Dance: Philomena Dickson, BA (Hons) Dance

Dean's Prize for Excellence in Performing Arts: Caitlin Gorman,BA (Hons) Performing Arts

The Dean's Prize for Excellence in Theatre and Performance: Courtney Nichol , BA (Hons) Theatre & Performance

The Lift Off Prize for Excellence in Performance: Caitlin Gorman,BA (Hons) Performing Arts