Based on research and creative projects that address issues of displacement of people, objects, identities and aesthetics, this research cluster explores strategies of crossing boundaries, cross-medium translations, transcultural exchanges, narratives and uncanny assemblies, hybridised aesthetics and reinterpretations of traditions in the understanding and production of new spaces and places. Context of critical interrogations and experimental projects range from Beirut, Buenos Aires, Mediterranean/Southern Europe, Southern US, Berlin and London, revealing often invisible or neglected realities of migration and segregation, as well as polemical situations of refugees and marginalised communities. Political conflicts that separate parts of a city, marginalised migrant cultures that seek hybridised manifestations, and strategies of juxtaposition between contemporary installations and existing traditional architecture to provoke uncanny relations, are investigated through subjective and immersive spatial experiences and as vehicles of new spatial strategies. These projects offer original contribution to knowledge in the intersection of politics, culture, art, architecture, sociology, ethnography, geography, aesthetics and philosophy.

Vol 5 – Displacement, Other-ness and Multiplicity

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