This research cluster explores the role of the ‘live project’ - a real life architectural design project which involves meaningful collaboration between students and a constituency outside the academic institution - as both an essential pedagogical instrument and an unorthodox instigator of participatory design.


It expands on the basis of live projects, many of which are driven by the school’s very own in-house live projects practice ‘Project Office’, to examine implications in architectural pedagogy through the active engagement of open architectural competitions, co-design opportunities of client learning and postoccupancy evaluation. These ongoing research projects resonate with several current socio-political polemics in the field of architecture that challenge conventions ranging from the self-referential studio culture to hierarchy within a professional plan of work. The cluster has sought out and established active, collaborative exchanges with other practice-led teaching and research networks, sharing an ethos on ‘radical pedagogies’, ‘spatial agencies’, ‘participatory design’, ‘social transformer’ and ‘contextual learning’, through joint live projects, workshops, seminars, symposia and publications.

Red brick building with glazed roof

project office

Project Office is a design and research collaboration of staff and students making ethical, social and resilient architecture. We work with like-minded communities, organisations and individuals. We offer a full architectural service including contract administration, design, feasibility studies, research, advocacy, fabrication and construction.

Vol 1 – Agency and Live Research Pedagogy

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