New Ecologies and Territorial Architectonics

From urban forestry, models for bio park to landscape urbanism, projects in this research cluster rethink concepts of green infrastructure, territory and topography, micro and macro ecologies, communities and mindful environments.

In response to rapid urbanisation and depletion of natural resources, this research cluster employs tools and techniques from agricultural, horticultural, ecological, biological, sociological and anthropological fields to foster strategies for rural and urban landscapes that are beyond mere enjoyment and protection.

It aims to reinstate the active and productive potential of eco-systems between natural and artificial components of life, and the increasingly intertwining of these driven by advances in technologies, which can be planned, incorporated, maintained and participated by different parts of the society in different ways.

A variety of multi-disciplinary projects challenge conventions of green landscapes to research and implement topographical, territorial, infrastructural and participatory dimensions of natural life-cycles in the design of built environments from rural to urban contexts.

Vol 4 – New Ecologies and Territorial Architectonics

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