Scene, Sequence and Mediated Commons

This research cluster shares the specific agenda to subvert the domination of orthographical and perspectival modes of representing and producing architecture. By experimenting with alternative visual and immersive methodologies ranging from filmmaking, storyboarding, documentations of walking and journeys, scenographic constructs, set installations, sequential captures and digital sketching, critical research and creative projects open up new means of conceiving, actualising and experiencing spaces. In particular, this research cluster offers critical and innovative responses to contested public spaces and possibilities of shared, negotiated ‘commons’ which have been increasingly neglected or surprised in the overriding tendency of redevelopment, gentrification, infrastructural expansions and privileging of corporate and private ownership of urban territories. These experimentations open up radical redefinitions of relations between body and space, time and space, subjective and objective representations, analog and digital processes, utopic and heterotopic transformations, posthuman and anthroposcene conditions.

Vol 3 – Scene, Sequence and Mediated Commons

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