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Investigating issues surrounding changing land use, water quality and flooding are currently a high-profile topic for discussion



Issues surrounding changing land use, water quality and flooding are currently a high-profile topic for discussion. ‘Climate change projections over the next century suggest that the frequency and severity of flooding is likely to increase over the next century’ (IPCC, 2014). Through sculptural interventions in the landscape Entwistle addresses fluvial challenges faced by communities in the South Pennines caused by human pressures upon the natural landscape; seeking to raise awareness of the dangers to and caused by water resources whilst also celebrating the beauty of nature.

Watershed artwork 2 - Countryside

‘Ripple’, Lower Laithe Reservoir, Fields of Vision, Yorkshire Cultural Festival as part of  Grand Depart, Tour De France 2014. By Trudi Entwistle. In partnership with Yorkshire Water, Pennine Prospects Working pArts and Worth Valley YFC.

The exhibition demonstrated how science can inform art - and how art can provide a means of communicating research findings and principles/ideas. The artworks resulting from the collaboration really engaged with visitors but it was their affect on researchers that was most notable with a number of the scientists using the art to help communicate the aims of their research: a few were noticeably moved when attending the exhibition, resulting in a re-think of how they consider art and its role in science.

Rebecca Slack water@leeds coordinator

The Impact

Watershed was realised following an interdisciplinary approach to the projects’ development exploring the landscape through collaboration with experts facilitated by a Leverhulmes artist residency which initiated dialogue with a cross section of scientists from water@Leeds, University of Leeds, the countries largest interdisciplinary centres for water research. Research for Watershed was also undertaken through site-specific observational work, interviews with engineers from Yorkshire water and local farmers. 

Working with local professionals from various sectors provided a dynamic understanding of the landscape from which were developed as part of the ‘Watershed’ project the following outputs:

1.‘Upstream’, Stanley and Aubrey Gallery, National Trust Gibson Mill (2014), Leeds, Water@Leeds, University of Leeds

2.‘Ripple’ , in collaboration with Yorkshire Water, Pennine Prospects ( 2014)

3. ‘Hebden Water’, Gibson Mill, National Trust, West Yorkshire, (2017) in collaboration with Paul Ratcliff Principal Lecturer in music & sound at Leeds Beckett.

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