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Knowledge of effective and ethical coaching is an important precursor, but the main objective is to work with coaches to improve their knowledge, reasoning, and behaviours.

Whilst appreciating and contributing to the research base, our main activities have been to integrate research into applied practice through a number of resources, programmes and service deliveries.

Centre staff have worked centrality on the iCoachKids which provides a European Coaching Children Curriculum which had informed the creation of three massive online open courses (MOOC) for the 6 million children’s coaches across Europe.

impact across the globe

LBU research has underpinned coach development and education programmes to sport coaching professionals in the UK. The English Football Association has made LBU’s ‘who, what, how’ development and education tool central to its coach education approach. The FA have commissioned LBU to develop and deliver a post graduate diploma for 47 of their youth coach educators (plus others) over a three-year period.

Our research has provided good practice benchmarks and evaluation and review methodologies that have made recommendations for, and had impact on, coach development and education activities across world and European level sporting organisations. For example, LBU conducted research for UEFA on its European wide coach education framework, the Coaching Convention, which impacts 54 national country systems and on 1000s of football coaches across Europe.

Drawing together researchers and practitioners who are interested in developing coaches, work within this theme draws upon varied philosophical, theoretical and methodological approaches to describe and critique the existing practice of coach education. This then generates more effective and novel approaches to developing coaches at all levels.

The aim of the work undertaken within this theme is to have a strong practical impact in the world of coach education and development.

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Staff from the Centre of Sports Coaching lead iCoachKids – a global movement developing free educational resources for coaches. The project raises awareness of the value of youth sport and the need to equip coaches appropriately. We aim to help create a global digital community of practice for youth sport coaches via the development of a smart phone-based application that will be available before the end of 2020.