A Leeds Beckett student
A Leeds Beckett student

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Life at Leeds Beckett

Explore Leeds A city for everyone, loved by students.

Leeds. It's in the north but it's not just for northerners. It's for friendly people, mud lovers, boxers, Tik Tokers and people chasing the dream.

It's for new friends and old friends. The gamers, daters and amateur skaters. It's for those who like the finer things, for those who keep it simple. The people who love a big night out...

...or a big night in.

It's for people who like a good meal, a quick meal and for those who won't remember eating in the morning.

It's for people who wear their heart on their sleeve and those who like art on the street.

For the city slickers, people who love country walks and people who say they love country walks but don't really.

For those who follow the latest trends, those who make their own and those who still...

...believe in dragons.

It's for people who say they don't make them like they used to and people who love a brew.

Dog owners, squatters, rockers and people watchers. It's for the local, the not so local and those who want a big city with a sense of community. A city that feels like home.


It's for everyone, not just northerners.

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Children playing football in Africa

Sport development special interest group established

A Sport for Development Special Interest Group has been established by colleagues from the Centre for Social Justice in Sport and Society in the Carnegie School of Sport. If you would like to know more and help shape this group, please get in touch.

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Professorial Inaugural Lectures

    • 18.00 - 19.00
    • 07 Dec 2023
    • Lecture Theatre B, Rose Bowl, Leeds Beckett University, City Campus, LS1 3HB

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