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beckett connect

Beckett Connect is an exclusive network for Leeds Beckett graduates

Our online platform helps you communicate and network with our university and fellow graduates, to bring our alumni community closer together.

You can share both professional and social opportunities: mentoring, jobs, internships and introductions, events, groups and discussions.

No matter where you are in your career, Beckett Connect has something to offer you. Scroll down to see how to get started on the Beckett Connect portal.

download The Beckett Connect App

Available now from the App Store and Google Play simply download the app and log in using your Beckett Connect sign in details. 

For Android devices simply search Beckett Connect in the Google Play store. For iOS devices head to the App Store and search Graduway Community, then enter your institution as 'Leeds Beckett' during installation.

What can I do on Beckett Connect?

Beckett Connect is about creating a space for alumni to interact, participate and inspire each other through the mentoring and sharing of experience. It's another way to embrace being part of the Leeds Beckett alumni community. Beckett Connect is not designed to replace our social media channels like LinkedIn and Facebook, more an extension of social media to help you find and connect with the huge alumni community in a really easy way.

Let the world know

You can keep your profile up to date by making instant updates to your contact details and employment information when they change.

Share updates with the rest of the network about projects you’re currently involved in.

Give back

Volunteer to be a mentor for fellow alumni and students and share your knowledge with the next generation, or share career tips and insights with graduates and current students.

You can search for an alumnus to help and guide you through the process. 


Find and share exclusive job vacancies and other opportunities, such as internship opportunities, academic/study opportunities, or anything professionally useful you want to advertise to other alumni.


Find out about and book university and alumni networking opportunities and events. You can also advertise your own alumni events and manage the entire registration process through the platform.


Receive and send messages to other alumni in a variety of ways: through the platform, by email, or through LinkedIn or Facebook. Manage what you receive by amending your settings.


Follow or start a special interest page to bring together alumni who have a common goal or interest, this could be a specific year group, society, halls of residence or anything else!


Find old friends. Use the Beckett Connect Directory to find old friends and make new professional and personal connections. This is a great place to share contacts and recommend friends and colleagues.

Career advice

Whether you're a mentor or a mentee, Beckett Connect is a place to share and find tips on establishing and progressing your career. Ask for help from a mentor or share your insights with graduates and current students.

1 Visit Beckett Connect

Getting started is easy. Just begin by visiting the Beckett Connect website.

Man sat at laptop

2 Sign up for an account

You can choose to set up a profile through your existing LinkedIn, Facebook or Google accounts. Or, you can use your email address.

Registering through LinkedIn is the quickest and easiest way, and automatically populates your profile with information from your LinkedIn profile.

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3 Add your details

Add details to your profile by following the step-by-step instructions.

Your membership will be activated within five working days.

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4 Introduce yourself

Once your account is active, you can post a message to say hello and introduce yourself to the community.

You can upload photos, browse to find people you know, and invite other alumni to join.


Troubleshooting tips


If you’ve forgotten your password, use the ‘Forgotten your password’ link to reset a new password.

If you're sure you have the right username and password, then it might be that you’ve changed the email address the system is linked to. If you change your email address in your profile, it might affect your log-in details. Please contact Beckett Connect Support for assistance.


It’s simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Log into Beckett Connect and click on the Me tab (second tab on the left).
  2. In Me, click on the red arrow to the top right that says Update your profile.
  3. You are now on the profile page. The middle column of that page contains your details, listed under My profile - country of origin, institution, class of and subject area. Go to the relevant line and using the drop-down arrow, choose your correct university, award year, subject area or country of origin.
  4. After changing the details, click the dark grey Update arrow in the My Beckett profile box.
  5. Click on the I'm done updating grey arrow at the top right of the page to exit back to your home screen.

Use the same step-by-step process to update your employment details, location or any other information in your profile.


The platform is a closed network only accessible by individuals that we have approved.

You can control the amount of information that others on the site can see about you through your profile settings.

For more information please take a look at the Beckett Connect privacy policy.