Studying at Leeds Beckett University enables students' potential to transform their lives and have a positive impact on the world around them. 

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Empowering Excellence

For many students the financial challenge of attending university can be daunting. With the increases is costs of living and impact of personal circumstance, going to university can be an overwhelming leap to take.

This is where so many generous people step in, offering the helping hand to take them from apprehensive first year students to successful graduates. The generous support of our alumni community and friends of the university makes a real difference to the life of our students. 

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It’s important to invest in students because they are the future and we need to give them the best possible start."

Bob Mitchell Carnegie Class of 75-77 Scholarship

Why donate? Graduate Bob Mitchell tells us why he donates to support students.

Student Stories

Receiving a scholarship can make a difference in so many ways to our students. Beyond the day-to-day living costs, scholarships create a sense of belonging to our university. Knowing that they are being supported to do the best they can, inspires our students to excel in their studies.

Over 280 students have been supported by one of our scholarships over the past 10 years. Here are some of their stories:

Every donation makes a difference

A Leeds Beckett education has the power to transform lives like no other experience.  Why not see how you can contribute?